3D printing reduces cost, speeds time to market for blood recycling system


A blood recycling system prototype that uses a number of parts made with the Stratasys Dimension 1200es 3D printer has received the CE mark, enabling the finished device to be placed on the market in European Union member states and other countries that recognize the marking. Developed by Brightwake Ltd. (Nottingham, UK), Hemosep significantly reduces the need for blood transfusions. One of the first patients to benefit from the device was a 50-year-old UK heart patient, who, as a Jehovah’s Witness, requested not to receive donated blood products. Because the device captures, cleans, and puts back lost blood lost during an operation, Hemosep was the perfect solution for her, according to a press release distributed today by Stratasys.

The device's main filtration and cooling systems, among other parts, were fabricated by means of 3D printing, enabling functional testing of the system in its intended environment before the final device is produced from metal.
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