3D printing gets creative

Lady Gaga, I've got two words for you: Joshua Harker. The Chicago-based creator uses 3D printing to make wearable art, such as the all-plastic headgear pictured here. This piece, laser sintered on an EOSINT P 760 additive manufacturing system from EOS (Krailling, Germany), was one of the featured attractions at the 3D Printshow in London and Paris, which makes its way to New York next month.

The all-plastic headgear, consisting of interwoven and suspended components, took Harker 100 hours to design but only 26 hours to manufacture, thanks to 3D printing technology. He sees 3D printing as a game changer in "art, fashion, anything really. When you're imagining things and the constraints of what you can make are gone, it changes a lot of things," says Harker.

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