3D printing company to donate prosthetic device to U.S. veteran


War is still hell, even if advanced medical technology and widespread use of protective gear are saving the lives of several thousand soldiers who would have been casualties just a generation ago. A large number of those survivors left a limb on the battlefield, and 3D Accuracy (Laguna Hills, CA) wants to give one of them a prosthetic device this holiday season. The supplier of 3D printing services as well as injection, die-cast, and blow molds is inviting the general public to nominate a deserving veteran. One name will be drawn at random to receive the free 3D-printed prosthetic.

3D Accuracy will donate all of the materials and production and printer time to manufacture the device and ship it ready for assembly and use to the winner. If necessary, the company will consult with the veteran's doctor to help ensure a proper fit. Delivery time will depend on the complexity of the device and the number of parts that will need to be 3D printed, but every effort will be made to ship it as soon as possible, says the company.

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