3D display technology for autos; information at your fingertips

A new development is reportedly set to revolutionize the fittings of future car interiors: three-dimensional displays with homogeneous, fully customizable surfaces and a razor-sharp display. Makrofol RP polycarbonate films from Bayer MaterialScience (Leverkusen, Germany) are used in these displays.

The company will showcase these as part of an interior concept of the future at the K 2013 plastics trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. RP stands for rear projection, a technology that has proved successful in displaying razor-sharp images on a projection surface. In indicators and displays, the film is transformed into an illuminated screen with the aid of back-lighting.

"My car is my castle" is one way to describe the tendency of many drivers to withdraw into the private sphere of their vehicles. Known as cocooning, this is when drivers enter a trusted environment to flee from the pressures of modern life at least for a short time. Automakers are now also focusing more closely on vehicle interiors, but for a different reason - they want to create a unique design and ensure that their products stand out from the competition....