10 years on: Polyamide proves its worth in auto sector


A certain supplier of extra-high flow polyamide 6 is celebrating a decade of delivery to customers, many of them in the auto sector, with a look back at where the resin has proved to be a successful solution. Akulon Ultraflow from DSM Engineering Plastics (Singapore) has reportedly proved its worth in components with long flow paths and high aesthetic requirements, with producticity gains to boot.

DSM claims Akulon Ultraflow PA 6 flows up to 80% faster than standard grades and enables injection molding cycle times to be cut by up to 25%, all with no significant loss of mechanical properties in the finished part. Reductions in cycle times are achieved through a combination of shorter injection- and holding-pressure times, faster crystallization speed, and the option to use processing temperatures 30-40°C lower than with competing polyamides, which allows cooling time to be cut.

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