SML Maschinengesellschaft m.b.H.

„EcoCompact“ , the new stretch film standard

The current success encouraged SML stretch film lines, to define a new standardized machine of a price-performance ratio second to none. The target has been to build a line, that offers a great number of features, which makes it interesting for a wide number of customers, and to reduce the price by means of standardization.

This new line produces stretch film of 4 x 500mm films at a net production capacity of around 1,200 kg/h and it runs at speeds in excess of 600 m/min.

Due to limited space availability in the industry the footprint of this line was minimized. The components are arranged very space efficiently on two levels. With extruders, air-conditioned e-cabinets and water pumps on the upper level we could compress the footprint to only 140 sq m floor space. This is only half of the space of a conventional stretch film line. But neither the number of dimension of installed equipment, nor the proven quality of SML components was compromised.

The line is fully equipped with 3 or 4 extruders, a choice between a 3 layer or a 5 layer feedblock, infrared gauge and a complete recycling unit with reel feeder!

We have installed our robust W4000 turret winder with automatic core and roll handling system. This proven winder, in combination with cut resistant guide rollers, provides perfect winding quality for machine rolls as well as for jumbo rolls up to 60kg. We have also included our ThinCore technology into the package of this winder.

Energy efficiency is one of the key features for a long use of the line in today’s energy competitive environment. With the combination of a High Speed Extruder and efficient conventional extruders, both boosted up with high value infrared heaters, this line does not fear any efficiency competition.

This new package, named “EcoCompact” is demonstrated and introduced into the market on the K’2010.