Uniloy Milacron Srl

“ENERGIAZERO” “ENERGIAZERO” All-electric technologies for blow-molding

The brand name “EnergiaZero” and the symbol of infinity identify the all-electric machines by Uniloy Milacron Srl (Italy). New technologies have been used – among them the energy recovery brake, the same concept recently introduced in Formula 1 – to make the all-electric Uniloy machines cleaner in operation, quieter, and more efficient. The symbol of infinity – that depicts the harmony with the environment and the recovery of resources – is well suited to machines that do not use any hydraulic oil and achieve energy savings up to 70%.
UMS 200.D EnergiaZero
The new UMS 200 EZ is the initiator of the Uniloy all-electric family of continuous extrusion “shuttle” machines. With a stroke of 710 mm, the all-electric clamp unit can accommodate 6-cavity molds at 110 mm center distance, and it can be equipped with the Uniloy double-sided In-Mold-Labeling technology. The new UMS 200 EZ is ready for configurations up to 7 layers, and it is ideally suited for applications in most consumer packaging sectors, such as detergency, personal care, nutrition, pharmaceutical, agrochemical. This machine wears the “EnergiaZero” brand name, which identifies the all-electric Uniloy Milacron Srl machines.
UMIB 100 EnergiaZero
The UMIB 100 EnergiaZero – the all-electric injection blow molding machine of Uniloy Milacron Srl – has been demonstrated running a 6-cavity mold, producing 50 ml jars in HDPE with an energy consumption of few kilowatts. The new design of the mold area features a wider daylight between tie bars, larger swing radius, and adjustable center of pressure, while maintaining complete mold interchangeability with the corresponding hydraulic machines by Uniloy. The nickel coating treatment prevents the risk of contamination by paint flaking, and allows steam sterilization. The laminar flow system guarantees a controlled overpressure in the mold area, to avoid contamination from outer particles.