Zotefoams Plc.

‘PackaZote’ the new ultra competitive foam packaging grade from Zotefoams plc

Packazote's uniform cell structure
Zotefoams plc to launch new packaging grade specifically for the packaging market, with unbeatable benefits, making it ultra competitive.

Zotefoams plc are thrilled to unveil PackaZote the new foam grade from Zotefoams plc, which hopes to clean up the packaging market with its unbeatable benefits and highly competitive price.
The packaging market has welcomed PackaZote the brand new packaging grade from the world’s leading manufacturer of cross-linked block foams, Zotefoams. The new grade claims excellent properties to make it an economical choice for the packaging market, that teamed with Zotefoams reputation for quality and unique selling points makes it a fiercely competitive product.
Paul van Rheenen, Sales & Marketing Director says “We are excited to reveal our new packaging grade PackaZote, this is a new direction for us as a company, but we are aware that for us to maintain our reputation as world leaders in cross-linked block foam that we need to listen to the market”
Zotefoams’ venture into the economic packaging foam market has lead to great interest and a very competitive foam product, with benefits that out shine the competition. PackaZote was developed by the experts at Zotefoams to fill a gap in the market with a product that can fulfil its application need whilst offering the converter properties including isotropic behaviour, purity, lighter density, less laminations and is available as a 200mm x 1200mm x 53mm slab which in application terms means less wastage and better application methods.
Zotefoams plc products are made by a unique high pressure nitrogen gas solution process. The superiority of these products, compared with polyethylene foams made by other technologies, stems directly from the use of this high pressure gas technology. This produces pure, chemically inert foam without blowing agent residues and with a uniform cell structure and regular cell walls.

For more information please contact Paul van Rheenen/Vivian Barhoma on +44 (0)208 664 1600, email pvr@zotefoams.com/ vb@zotefoams.com or visit www.zotefoams.com