©DeskGlue: revolutionary UV system for PMMA

©DeskGlue Technology (©DGT) is a revolutionary UV gluing system
that allows gluing of acrylic parts starting from 30 seconds.
Manufacturer GEVACRIL® launched the ©DeskGlue Lab in Heidelberg in October 2009 to show European fabrication companies & professionals how to use and how to take profit from this innovative technique. What is revolutionary about ©DeskGlue? It is based on a new set of UV-activated glues, hardware with corresponding UV-activating equipment and focuses on solving the major problems for high-quality, extreme rapid and cost saving gluing processes. Despite the usual UV systems ©DGT has an excellent break resistance coped to the guarantee of an high quality gluing result. Mr. Lupi, the referent for the business development at GEVACRIL® described ©DeskGlue in an interview with the following words: “excellent aesthetic, ultra rapid, problem solving, easy, extremely cost saving". To learn more on ©DeskGlue please visit us at the K-fair and check the DeskGlue website: www.deskglue.eu

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