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K 2022: Heat-resistant C-PET light cup promotes circular economy – a transparent alternative for hot-fill applications
Together with Sukano AG and Kiefel Packaging B.V., the company SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH has developed a cup made of C-PET light that is heat-resistant and combines transparency and recyclability.
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Plastics of the future will live many past lives, thanks to chemical recycling
A research team at the University of Colorado Boulder has discovered how durable plastics used in the aerospace and microelectronics industries broken down into their most basic building blocks and then formed again into the same material. In the process, they do not lose their physical properties.
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Bend it like PU – Plastics in sport
Today, no one can imagine leather balls, wooden rackets, bamboo poles or cinder tracks in sporting competition. Natural materials have now been almost completely replaced by other materials: plastics. They are light, robust and highly functional. Thanks to intensive research, they are also becoming more and more efficient – and ultimately lead to new world records.
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EREMA Group focuses research and development on circular economy for PET fibres
With its new business unit "Fibres and Textiles", the EREMA Group is intensifying the development of recycling solutions focusing on PET fibre materials that are produced in fibre production and in further processing steps. In a dedicated fiber pilot plant, a cross-company team is working on recycling solutions for fiber-to-fiber applications.
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Borealis and REHAU accelerate circularity for furniture products with Bornewables™ premium circular polyolefins
REHAU chooses Borealis' Bornewables™ over conventional polypropylene (PP) for production of their RAUKANTEX evo sustainable edgebands. The robust and durable Bornewables™ feature color-stable chemistry and flexibility and are suitable for processing straight and contoured edges.
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Sustainable face masks: recyclable and climate-friendly
With the development of the first 100 percent recyclable FFP2 mask, the Austrian Grabher Group is taking an important step towards sustainability. The sustainable FFP2 masks made of polypropylene are not only fully recyclable, but also cause significantly fewer CO2 emissions during their manufacture than conventional protective masks.
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Covestro collaboration with SABIC unlocks improved recyclability for mono-material flexible plastic pouches
The company Covestro AG has developed a new heat-resistant coating for use on mono-material stand-up pouches made with SABIC's PE/BOPE technology. The coating facilitates high-speed industrial production of stand-up pouches made with SABIC® BOPE biaxially oriented polyethylene. The new solution enables simpler, single-stream recycling.
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Wonderfully versatile: Plastics shape the car of the future
The versatility of plastic is one of its strongest characteristics, and it makes it particularly popular amongst designers. Plastic is also a favored material for BASF's design team: in collaboration with Citroën, the chemical company rethought the classic car - with plastic as the central building block that made the implementation of the innovative concept possible in the first place.
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Wallbox control panel is manufactured using the IMD process
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is focusing on sustainable development in the field of machinery and equipment. The new innovation in the form of an all-electric injection molding machine called IntElect2 220/660-1100 with low scrap rates and thanks to platen parallelism is an example of the plan. It is used to produce a wallbox using the IMD process.
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First Boeing 777 with AeroSHARK takes off on passenger flights
The first Boeing operated by Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) took off on a passenger flight equipped with the new Surface technology developed jointly by Lufthansa Technik and BASF. Modified aircraft now begins validation of savings potential in daily flight operations. The fuel and emissions savings of around one percent calculated.
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Building and construction sector: An industry relies on plastics
Polymers are as diverse as their chemical composition. Plastics come in hard, soft, flexible, brittle, opaque, transparent - just as required. They impress with their durability, cost-effectiveness, impermeability to water, high formability, corrosion resistance and low weight. This makes them the ideal building material - and an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials.
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Truck component carrier made from LANXESS polyamide receives GKV/TecPart Innovation Award
A truck component carrier made from a LANXESS polyamide 6 compound has won the 2022 GKV/TecPart Innovation Award presented by Verband Technische Kunststoffprodukte e.V. The structural component was developed jointly by BBP Kunststoffwerk Marbach Baier, LANXESS and a major German commercial vehicle manufacturer.
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EREMA: "PredictOn:Drive", a new tool for predictive maintenance
Real-time visualisation of process and machine data holds great potential for the circular economy as a whole and for recycling processes in particular. At K 2022 EREMA launched "PredictOn:Drive", a predictive maintenance application for its recycling machines.
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Rebirth for shampoo bottles & co: launch of the first deposit system for plastic packaging from the bathroom
The demand for high-quality recyclates has exceeded the supply on the market for years. So far, too much high-quality plastic is still being burned as waste instead of being recycled. The Berlin-based start-up Circleback wants to change that by setting up a deposit system for plastic packaging from the bathroom.
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No longer gone with the wind: Fraunhofer Institute develops concepts for rotor blade recycling
After about 25 years, the rotor blades of a wind turbine have usually had their day. But what happens to them then? Together with the Institute for Energy and Circular Economy (IEkrW), the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems (IWES) is developing concepts in a project that should enable rotor blades to be better recycled and reused.
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Machine monitoring: performance data via app at any time
Steinert.view® is a flexible and reliable monitoring solution for STEINERT sensor-based sorting machines. Performance data collected is visualized in a web app so that operators can see at a glance whether machines are currently producing, whether there are changes in production, or whether there is potential for optimization.
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Researchers develop plastic film that can kill viruses using room lights
Researchers at Queen's University Belfast have developed a plastic film that uses room light to kill viruses that land on its surface. The technology used to manufacture the film also ensures that it is degradable. This self-sterilizing film is inexpensive to produce, easy to scale and could be used for disposable aprons, tablecloths and curtains in hospitals.
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Recycled PET bottles are turned into adhesive tapes
The company tesa® supports the field of sustainability. The new tesa® 60412 packaging tape has a backing made of 70% recycled PET and a water-based acrylate adhesive system. The production process is completely solvent-free. Used PET products are recycled and used as raw material for the backing material.
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Lessons from natural photosynthesis: conversion of CO2 to raw materials for plastic
A research team at Osaka Metropolitan University has succeeded in producing fumarate from pyruvate and CO2 through artificial photosynthesis. Fumarate can be used to produce biodegradable plastic such as polybutylene succinate. In this process, the carbon is stored in a compact, durable and solid form.
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Shining light on why plastics turn yellow
A research team has investigated whether intended nanostructures formed by UV light could be the cause of yellowing of polyethylene. The result was that chiral chemical structures form on the surfaces of polyethylene films during exposure to UV light and are a possible cause of the yellow color of old plastics. These findings could help researchers develop plastic products that last longer.
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"Designers love solving problems."
Sue Neuhauser and Page Beermann of Faraday Future talk about the opportunities for CMF in the automotive industry.
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The countdown to K 2022 is on
The set-up for K 2022 at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair is in full swing. The trade fair's logistics team is making sure that everything runs smoothly. Werner Arnold, Team Manager Logistics, explains in an interview all the things that need to be taken into account until all the halls at K are filled.
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Full view: Transparent tool enables insight into filling processes of particle foams
The filling of a mold determines the quality of the resulting molded part. But what if insight into the filling process of particle foams is not available and thus control is lacking at this crucial point in the production process? A new transparent experimental mold made of acrylic glass developed by Neue Materialien Bayreuth (NMB) has put an end to this dilemma.
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Researchers find a new method for recycling polystyrene
A research team led by Guoliang "Greg" Liu implemented the goal of making the current main method for recycling polystyrene profitable. By exposing the material to ultraviolet light and adding a chemical catalyst this method creates diphenylmethane (DPM), which has a high economic value. This new recycling method would create an incentive for polystyrene to be collected and recycled.
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