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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.004  Measuring equipment for melt tempeature

Our products

Product category: Measuring equipment for melt tempeature

MFI-3322 Melt Flow Indexer

The Melt Flow Indexer is related to the melted material viscosity. It allows the operator to make an estimation of “ mean molecular weight”, at the same time gives an indication of “melt flow ability” through a die.
The melt index is defined as the weight or the volume of melted material flowing through a calibrated die, under the effect of a pre-determined force, at constant temperature and for the total time of 10 minutes.

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Product category: Measuring equipment for melt tempeature

MFI-2322S Melt Flow Indexer

It allows for the measurement of melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and melt volume-flow rate (MVR), melt density test according to the standards ASTM D1238, ISO1133(method A and B).

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Product category: Measuring equipment for melt tempeature

XWW-20A Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine is suitable for quality control of various fields, including metal wire, nylon wire, plastic, rubber, textile and clothes, packaging etc, for tension, compression and bending, peer and tear test.

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Product category: Measuring equipment for melt tempeature

HDT/V-3216 HDT/Vicat Tester

The tester is used to determine the Heat Deflection Temperature or the Vicat Softening Point. All the specimens are charged with a constant load and immersed in a bath, where temperature is increased at a standard velocity. The attained heat resistance rate of plastic material is a widely required parameter for product characterization, for quality control, as well as for evaluating their conformity to the previewed applications. The optional software system enables to produce graphs showing the deformation of each specimen and temperature increase versus time.

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Product category: Measuring equipment for melt tempeature

HIT-2492 Pendulum Impact Tester

High performance Charpy/Izod Impact Teser is a high performance impact tester designed to precisely determine the absorbed impact energy and resistance to breakage of plastic specimens. 

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About us

Company details

Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co.,ltd is a high-technology enterprise professional in designing and manufacturing polymer material testing machines. All of its products possess self intellectual property rights, some of them have gained national patents. Its hit products- Universal Testing Machine, HDT/Vicat Tester, Melt Flow Indexer, Impact Tester, Ring Stiffness Tester, Hydrostatic Pressure Tester etc. have passed CE, and been sold to more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe and America. The goal of “One Hundred Years Brand” will last always.

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