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Product category: Pearlescent pigments

COLORAY™ Silver Whte Series

Silver Whte Series pearlescent pigments consist of platelets of mica coated with a thin layer of TiO2. This series of pigment has two available types of titanium dioxide (anatase or rutile ) ,and the rutile type has better weather resistance. When these pigments are mixed or used together with formal transparent pigments, they can create not only colorful visual impact but also florid and attactive pearlescent lustre. When being used together with the fully absorptive carbon black, they obtains a fortified reflected luster and shows silver gray metalline effect. These pigments also can be used together with aluminium powder and can make the silver metal- line effect more white and bright.

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Product category: Pearlescent pigments

COLORAY™ Interference Series

COLORAY™ Interference Series pearlescent pigments also consist of mica flake coated with rutile titanium dioxide, but they can creat gold, orange, red, violet, blue and green colors when the titanium dioxide layer growing thicker and thicker. They're physical optical interference phenomenons caused by the light distance gap between the light reflected by the titanium dioxide with high refracted index and the one reflected by mica with low refracted index. The reflected color is complement to the transmitted color, so we should pay more attention to mix each other of this kind of pigment for application.

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Product category: Pearlescent pigments

COLORAY™ Golden Lustre Series

COLORAY™ Golden Lustre Series pearlescent pigments consist of mica flake coated with titanium dioxide and Iron oxide. The different gold lustre appear by accurately controlling the thickness of the coating layer and the percent- age. Big particle size of these pigments show sparkle and brilliant golden lustre when small size of these give out attractive satin gold effect. Coloray golden lustre series pearlescent pigments can be formulated with each other. If you want a special gold lustre effect , you can select the right items to have a combination.Compare to metalic pow- der,these pigments are widely used for their better properties, such as high temperature resistance,chemical stability, weather resistance and non-conductive.

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Product category: Pearlescent pigments

COLORAY™ Recolored Series

COLORAYTM Recolored Series pearlescent pigments have both glittering lustre and kinds of color effect, consisting of platelets of mica coated with a thin layer of MetalOxide and absorption pigments. Some of these pigments are made by coating the absorption pigments on the silver white pearlescent pigment. Silver white color can be seen at reflection angle and the color of absorption pigment is diffuse reflected and seen at side-glace angle. Some of these series of pigments are produced by adding absorption pigments to coat on the interference or metalic lustre pearlescent pigment, creating brighter and purer chromatic effect.

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Product category: Pearlescent pigments

COLORAY™ Metalic Lustre Series

COLORAY™ Metalic Lustre Series pearlescent pigments consist of platelets of mica coated with Iron Oxide.Accor- ding to different thickness of this iron oxide layer, interference color like bronze, brown, red,puple red and red green will appear. All these colors are dazzlingly beautiful and the products demonstrate metallic luster, in spite of the non-metallic nature of the material itself. So these series of pigment have strong metal lustre, abundance colors, better shade power, physical and chemical stability.

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About us

Company details

Zhejiang Coloray Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise who devoted to research, development, manufacture and marketing of high quality pearlescent pigment and special effect pigment . The company is located in Deqing Economic and Technological Development Zone of Zhejiang province , nearby Hangzhou, the world famous tourism city, and by car 1.5 hours away from Shanghai.

Coloray is dedicated to providing color users with a range of effect pigments incorporating excellent performance, stability and batch-to-batch consistency; backed by dedicated technical support and price competitiveness.

Whether for the coatings, plastics, printing inks, cosmetics, leather or construction industries, Coloray guarantees consistent results and unique effects. Depending on the perfect quality, technical support and the comprehensive services, Coloray will be your best cooperation partner.

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