Tangshan Longquan Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd.

North of Fazhan Road, Nanpu Dev. Zone, Tangshan City
China, People’s Republic

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This company is co-exhibitor of
ICG Specialty Chemicals B.V.


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, auxiliaries
  • 01.10  Additives
  • 01.10.105  Stabilizers

Our products

Product category: Stabilizers

Light Stabilizer LQ-292

Slighty yellow liquid,soluble in methanol,alcohol,benzene,methyl benzene,hexane,etc.insoluble
in water.Specific density at 20℃ 0.99g/cm3

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Product category: Stabilizers

Light Stabilizer LQ-622

White crystalline powder, soluble in methyl benzene, dimethyl benzene, chloroform and furan etc. insoluble in water, methanol, alcohol and hexane.
Nitrogen Content:4.9% Softening Temperature:55-85℃

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Product category: Stabilizers

Light Stabilizer LQ-770

White or pale yellow crystalline power, Soluble in benzene, chloroform. Methanol alcohol ether ate insoluble in water.

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Product category: Stabilizers

Light Stabilizer LQ-783

LQ-783 is a versatile UV stabilizer for thin and thick sections and delivers excellent cost/performance benefits. For applications requiring indirect food approvals, LQ-783 can be used at levels not possible with other conventional HALS. The synergism between the two high molecular weight HALS components of Tinuvin 783 is an effective stabilization systems for the polymer against degradation through UV radiation and long term heat exposure.

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Product category: Stabilizers

Light Stabilizer LQ-944

This product is white and light yellow powder that dissolves in organic atent such as acet, benzene, chlorotom etc. Its relative density is 1.01(at 20℃)heat weightlessness is 1% at 300℃, the erective nitrogen content is 4.6%

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About us

Company details

Langfang City Longquan Flux Co., Ltd. (LFLQ), its primary designation was Langfang City Longquan Flux Plant, established in 1988. In Jan 1997, it was renamed Langfang City Longquan Flux Co., Ltd. (LFLQ) basing on "State company law".
The plant covers 50,000 square meters land area, holds 30,000 square meters construction, 210 employees work for the plant, there are 18 staffs with senior technical titles. LFLQ gained independence import & export qualification in 1997.
The company is a high & new technique enterprise ranking in provincial list, it is a production and science research aggregation, main product includes: Tert-octylamine(TOA), 2,2,6,6-Tetramethyl-4-piperidinol,Triacetonamin,Hydroxyethyl pipropanol(AH201),Antioxidant PKB-215,Light stabilizer 292,Light stabilizer 622,Light stabilizer 770,Light stabilizer 783,Light stabilizer 944and its series products. The product quality universally higher than international standard, the above production quantity annually ranked first place among domestic same industries, thereinto, grain crystalloid of Tetra-methyl piperidinol already formed unique company's indication in international market, the product quality is well-know in international market. Its product mainly is exported to America, South Korea, Japan, Europe, Taiwan and other countries andother countries and regions.
 With our company often pays attention to developments about chemical

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