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Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.007  Screen changers

Screen changers

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.01  Machines and equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • 03.01.008  Melt filters

Our products

Product category: Melt filters

A world first: CBMF – a multifunctional multiple-head filter for continuous melt feed

The innovation of BritAS GmbH concerning melt filtration is an absolute novelty on the market. The CBMF (continuous band melt filter) series is multifunctional with a wholly convincing modular system.

Highlights of the world first

Multifunctional modular system. Choice of number of filter heads.
Modular filter areas. Small or large areas of 570 cm2 up to 4200 cm2.
Continuous filtration. Uninterrupted melt flow with low operating costs.
Compact. Thanks to the horizontal design.
Linear band draw-off. Straightforward thanks to a cutter.

Filter types
CBMF-P. Parallel melt flow through the filter heads.

The CBMF can be extended in almost any dimension – filter area size, combination and type of filter bands, or with buffer, if required – exactly to the customer's needs. For example, while the standard CBMF has 2 filter modules, a third – CBMF 3 – or even fourth filter – CBMF 4 – may be added later.
This means that through the modular system, the filter used to efficiently and effectively remove contamination from plastics waste can be put together to meet the customer's exact requirements. The BritAS filter ensures the consistently high quality of the pellets and removes contaminants from the machine with very little melt loss.

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Product category: Melt filters

ABMF - Automatic Band Melt Filter

High regranulate quality at low operating costs and that fully-automatic – that is the ABMF series – automatic belt melt filter manufactured by BritAS GmbH.  
In order to filter contaminations effectively and efficiently out of plastics waste, in case of the BritAS filter, the filter fabric is fully-automatically changed. Thus, the regranulate quality remains constantly high and the contamination is discharged out of the machine with a very low loss of melt. By an intermediate container for the melt, the upstream extruder is permanently running.    

Filtration material
Suitable for post-consumer and post-industrial plastics waste and agricultural film.

Technical data

Certified. Certified according to EN 15343ff, excellent regranulate characteristics.
Modular. Modular design, platform technology and space-saving.
User-friendly. Pleasant filter operation via central unit.
Practical. Uncomplicated maintenance.
Failproof. Optimized processing process and steady process parameters.
Successful. Screen change procedure up to every 2 minutes.

ABMF-C Continuous - Automatic Band Melt Filter with downstream unit
The downstream unit guarantees a continuous melt flow.

ABMF-BV - Automatic Belt Melt Filter Before Venting
The AMBF-BV Before Venting model features a fine filtration prior to the degassing process.

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Product category: Melt filters

Gas control GC1500 & GC3000

By permanent measurement, the BritAS Gas Control GK1500 and GC3000 ensures the quality of the pellets during production.   The BritAS gas control detects first signs of foamed pellets and activates the deflector for second quality or waste if the parameters defined by the customer have not been reached. Without this control unit, there is a mixing of high-quality pellets already produced with low-quality waste.  

Test material
The BritAS gas control can be used for all types of polymer.    

Test categories
The advantage of this line is, that all parameters – also the number of deflectors – can freely be selected and defined by the customer. For example, the following categories are possible:

Quality goods – no gas inclusion
Quality goods, second quality – low gas inclusion
Waste – heavy gas inclusion

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Company news




Oct 19, 2016

BritAS presents a new innovation at the K 2016: CBMF – Multi-Functional Multi-Head Filter for continuous melt transport

At the K 2016, BritAS presents an absolutely new innovation in the matter of melt filtration: The CBMF series – Continuous Belt Melt Filter – is multi-functional and convinces in every aspect by its modular design.

„With the modular design concept, we create completely new possibilities in melt filtration. Because, at buyer’s option, the CBMF can nearly be extended to any dimension – regardless of whether filter area size, combination and type of filter belts. The standard version of the CBMF consists of 2 filter modules but can later also be extended to a triple filter – CBMF 3 - or even to a quadruple filter – CBMF 4“, explains DI Dr. Friedrich Kastner, CEO BritAS, the features of the innovation.

The CBMF is used for filtering efficiently and effectively contaminations out of plastics waste. And that with a constantly high quality of the recycled pellets, whereas the dirt is discharged with a very low loss of melt.

BritAS filters are used in the post-consumer sector and for agricultural film waste but also for post-industrial waste and by compounding companies.

From small to large – The sky is the limit
„The advantage for our customers is that they can configure their CBMF along their current requirements and if necessary, the filter can also be extended later. „If two, three, four or more filter heads – the customer decides“, explains Corné Verstraten, CSO BritAS. Also in case of the screen areas, flexibility has priority – at the moment, the areas per module range from 570 cm2 up to 1050 cm2, which at the moment, by the combination of several modules, results in filter areas of 4200 cm² and more.

Flexible filter arrangement – parallel or serial
BritAS ensures the running melt flow via two separately selectable filter chambers, which, depending on the operating status, can be used alternately or parallel. A continuous and fully-automatic operation is guaranteed by the totally new control unit together with the new linear belt take-off including cutting device. As already with the BritAS ABMF, cost-efficient filter belts are used.

In future, the spectrum of filter materials for special requirements will constantly be extended.

„Because of the modular design, of course, the arrangement of the filters has to be flexible. That means, the parallel filter assembly is reasonable in order to receive filter areas as large as possible. The arrangement in a line creates the option of multi-level filtration, says Heiko Henss, Plant Manager BritAS.

Extendable components – filter heads & screen belt magazine
Furthermore, additional filter heads can be integrated at any time, since the CBMF can grow together with the customer requirements. The same applies to the belt magazine. Here, one, two, three or more magazines are possible. Depending on the customer requirements, BritAS offers different materials, dimensions, weaves and tensile strength for the screen belts. The filtration fineness ranges from 50 μm to 950 μm.

„We are convinced that our modular design concept is trend-setting for the field of melt filtration and already in the current launch phase, we have received enormous popularity and positive customer feedback“, gladly say Kastner, Verstraten and Henss.

BritAS Recyling lines GmbH
BritAS based in the German city of Hanau develops and manufactures lines for the filtration of plastics waste and machines for the quality control of plastics products. By permanent measurement, the BritAS Gas Control GK1500 ensures the pellets quality during production. The BritAS filter series ABMF and CBMF filter effectively and efficiently contaminations out of plastics waste.

19-26 October 2016
Media contact & photos: Dr. Isabella Pichler, Marketing BritAS GmbH,, T. +49 (0) 6181 9187-0, M. +43 (0) 676 / 73 989 55


Photos: © BritAS GmbH

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