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Product category: Science and consulting

Injection Moulding 2 (sgt 2) Advanced

Intensive Course: Fundamentals of Injection Moulding 2 (sgt 2) Advanced
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injection-molding-course basis instruction or good precognition in terms of injectionmolding
repetition composition, structure, application and converting of thermoplasts •high technological thermoplasts • thermoplastic elastomer, kind of TPE, high temperature resistant plastics • inking of plastics • high-power-plasticating-units • conservation of energy during injection molding • what are you getting out of a cavity pressure measurement • measurement of cycle time and improvement of cycle time • form-breathing • when is the embossing-process reasonable • calculation of closing force for quotation and production • quotation of injection part • how is the price of the plastic part composed • quality management • what is important and what can be measured automatically by the machine • how does a stack mold and a tandem mold work • what is GID and WID – pros and cons • what kind of multicomponent technique tools do exist • how do cube tools and dual cube tools work


Impart knowledge for the participants relating to injection molding overall processes and injection molding additional processes

Duration 2 days

Participation fee € 640.00 per participant

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Product category: Science and consulting

Injection Moulding 3 (sgt 3)

Intensive Course: Fundamentals of Injection Moulding 3 (sgt 3)
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Injection moulding basis course or good precognition in the injection moulding technique

Recapitulation composition and structure of plastic materials • technical thermoplastics • thermoplastic elastomers / TPE high temperature-resistant plastic materials • inking of plastic materials • high performance plasticating units • energy conservation when injection moulding • measurement of cavity pressure • improvement of cycle time • calculation of clamping force • calculation of injection parts • quality management (QS-control) • stack molds, tandem molds • GID and WID • multicomponent technique and molds • cube molds and double-cube molds
The participants get to know the lore about the whole process of injection moulding and of special injection moulding processes
Duration 2 days

Participation fee € 640.00 per participant

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Product category: Science and consulting

Injection Moulding 1 (sgt1) Basic Training

Intensive Course: Fundamentals of Injection Moulding 1 (sgt1) Basic Training
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Parts designers, mould designers, mould makers, machine operators, plastic moulder, QA personnel, personnel work scheduling, shift foreman, purchasing and sales
No, it is advantageous if one knows the end of an injection moulding production.
Structure and processing of plastics • thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers. Assessment of trade names • material data, processing data - thermoplastic elastomers - advantages of TPE with elastomers • properties of plastics, especially of thermoplastics, the influence of moisture during processing • Why must be dried, how to dry right. Functional sequence of the injection moulding machine, Advantages / disadvantages  hydraulical and vullelectrical  Injection moulding machines • How is a good material homogeneity achieved • melting process • Why is the back pressure important • how to define the injection rate. Why one has to inject in a source-flow • How to determine the holding time • How to determine the optimum cooling time • What must be considered during the injection process • PVT diagram • How to optimize surface defects • Closing force determination and calculation • Construction of an injection moulding tool • What is a three-plate mould, partial-hot- runner-tool, hot runner mould - how to identify errors at injection moulded parts- sink marks, weld line, gloss differences • moisture and burn marks • Sticking etc. Many mistakes on plastic parts will be discussed.
The participants get the knowledge of plastics, thermoplastics, injection moulding machines, tool and process engineering knowledge, injection moulding defects are discussed.
2 days

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About us

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What means Injection Moulding Driver Licence® ?

The Injection Moulding Driver Licence® is a new and unique product in training for injection moulding.

The advantage and so the big difference to other training offers in injection moulding is as follows:

The Injection Moulding Driver Licence® is a certificate, similar to a drivers licence.

The Injection Moulding Driver Licence® is not a certificate for attendance in all the courses, as often handed after comparable training programs. Every student has to prove that he understands, what was taught, and that he is able to transpose the knowledge into practice.

The authorization is only obtained after the training participant has passed the final exam. Everybody who has managed the test can really injection moulding. He has acquired the basic theoretical and practical knowledge of the thermoplastic injection moulding. The test for this is not easy.
The training participant should be able to answer about 400 exam questions from all areas of injection moulding such as plastic material, tool and machine. Parts of the examination are practical exercises that must be performed at the factory before. The results have to be explained and discussed by the students in the examination.  In addition, the training participant must answer more questions orally.

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