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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
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  • 03.08.007  Melt pumps

Our products

Product category: Melt pumps


The PL2 pumps combine the same simplicity design logic of the PL8s with the difference of the body in stainless steel, that permits to avoid compatibility problem with fluid and cast iron. Other benefit is the increase of the maximum pressure that raise up to 150 bar. Made for the chemical industry, this family is used the transport and metering of polyurethane, bonding agents and dyes. Various models are available, entirely made in martensitic stainless steel (tempered and externally treated), or made in stainless steel AISI 316. Comparable is the flow rates range available between the sisters PL8. In this case the standard rates are from 0,1cc/rev up to 140 cc/rev. A completion is the possibility of providing the pump motorization.

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Product category: Melt pumps


The PAL series is a family of pumps derived from other MVV’s existing models (i.e. PA6), they differ for the raw material used and for the shaft seal system. The pumps are designed for wear resistant from abrasive particles present on the metered fluid, i.e. dyed additives. The pumps are built with high speed steel core tempered and externally treated, are suitable for applications up to 180°C. The fluid can contain particles up to 150μm with concentration in homogeneous suspension of 30%. Different external shapes are available, always compatible with our PL8s and PL2s for an easy interchangeability.

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Product category: Melt pumps


The PL8 pumps fully satisfy the quality/ price ratio due to a simple design concept and at the utilization of the cast iron body externally treated, all without any changing in quality metering. PL8 are the first choice for Polyurethane applications. A wide range of flow rates is available from 0.3 cc/rev to a 150 cc/rev thanks to the recent introduction of the new cast iron body size XL (30 -150 cc/rev). The shaft seals available are widely configurable, from the classic stuffing box to the mechanical seal, barrier liquid or mag-drive. For all the sizes ATEX certification is available on demand. MVV is able to the pump motorization in order to fulfil the service. For more info see the dedicated pages.

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Product category: Melt pumps


The PLR pumps are heated versions of the PL8 and PL2 pumps. A series of channels is obtained in the cast iron or stainelss steel body for permit the forced circulation of a vector fluid like water or diathermic oil. The advantages to have the body in temperature permits the reduction of the thermic loss during the transportation / metering of the pumped fluid due to a heat increase during the circuit. An electrical heated version with resistances is available.

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Product category: Melt pumps


The gear pumps of PAE series, are designed for application under the polymerization column or as booster pumps after the extruder. Built on high speed steel core tempered, are suitable for melted media with abrasives particles at high temperatures (up to 350°C) and high pressures (up to 500 bar). Often the pumps are supplied with heating jacket with steam or diathermic oil as vector, or heated by electric immersion heaters. Externally the pumps are insulated with insulating material enclosed in a box made by stainless steel sheets or with wearable insulation easily removable. Instrumentations for pressure and temperature measurement can be supplied.

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About us

Company details

MVV SRL specialised in the production of gear pumps, spinnerettes and spinning beams for the synthetic and artificial fibre industry, was acquired by a new proprietor on June 5, 2012 and move to a new plant in Orsago on April, 2013.
Established in 1942, MVV has found in this active part of the region surrounding Treviso the best conditions to start a specialised mechanical production.
The new proprietor brings over 50 years of experience in the production of precision pumps and machinery to the company, in perfect harmony with the company's core business.
The strong points of the new business will be the high quality of the products and the people, excellent relationships with customers and suppliers, and all of the positive things the company has already achieved over 70 years of history.
The new proprietor will seek growth objectives through investments in innovation and expansion of business markets, with special attention to all those markets where it currently only has a minimum presence.

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