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Dyna-Purge cleans on the first pass, minimizing machine downtime to maximize your productivity. This also reduces plastic scrap, so you do not waste usable expensive resin. Dyna-Purge is packaged ready to use. There is no soaking, mixing, or waiting necessary, so there are no hidden costs. Introduced at the resident resin processing temperature, it does not require adjusting the injection molding or extrusion equipment for temperature or RPM speed. Only a small amount of Dyna-Purge is needed to purge quickly and effectively. Since Dyna-Purge is thermally stable, it has unlimited shelf life. Dyna-Purge is available in a variety of formulations to match specific requirements for injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding machine processes. Dyna-Purge is non-chemical and non-abrasive. It does not cause wear on plastic processing machinery. It is safe for operators and safe for disposal. All Dyna-Purge grades feature a fresh scent that eliminates odors often associated with purging. Ingredients are FDA, REACH and RoHS compliant.

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Aug 8, 2016


First hybrid purging compound combining the key features in both mechanical and chemical products.

(July 2016) – The Dyna-Purge® Division of Shuman Plastics, Inc., Depew (Buffalo), NY, USA has introduced Dyna-Purge® A, a breakthrough technology engineered for Polypropylene (PP) color changes. Dyna-Purge® A combines key features of both mechanical and chemical purging products, with advanced ingredients reaching all stagnation areas breaking down the color contamination.

According to Tim Cutler, Dyna-Purge® Vice President, the company commissioned Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, of Erie, PA to conduct an extensive independent study on Dyna-Purge® A in March 2016, at the Burke Center - School of Engineering. The study compared commercial purging compounds and an in-house resin to Dyna-Purge® A. In purging and post purge results, only hybrid Dyna-Purge® A left the testing machine clean and free of contamination.

"The independent study on Dyna-Purge® A demonstrates that it is more effective than mechanical (abrasive) and chemical purging compounds for purging during Polypropylene color changes," Cutler explained. "Dyna-Purge® A saves time and money as it lowers purging costs and scrap rates."

In testing, the purging process successfully transitioned from black to natural PP in only seven shots using Dyna-Purge® A. The hybrid purging compound is engineered to exit the machine with the next production resin, leaving behind no residual purging compound. It is versatile for a variety of applications including hot runners, profile, sheet and cast film, with no minimum clearances. Dyna-Purge® A is very easy to use, with no soaking or temperature alterations required, no noxious fumes and odors, and no residual left behind. Furthermore, ingredients are safe and non-hazardous.

A copy of a recently completed independent study on Dyna-Purge® A is available from Dyna-Purge by visiting www.dynapurge.com. Visitors can click on the Dyna-Purge® A button to download the study.

Dyna-Purge will be present at the K Show in Dusseldorf, Germany this October where they will be discussing the benefits of using their new Dyna-Purge® A. Come to booth B91-34 in the US Pavilion in Hall 13 to speak with International Business Manager, Kelli Ropach and the Dyna-Purge Distributor network about your purging needs.

For additional information, contact Shuman Plastics, Inc., Dyna-Purge Division, 35 Neoga Street, Depew (Buffalo), NY 14043; Phone: (716) 685-2121; Fax: (716) 685-3236; E-mail: info@dynapurge.com; Website: www.dynapurge.com 

Note to Editor:

Dyna-Purge® is a registered trademark of Shuman Plastics, Inc. 

Please address reader service inquiries at the above address to:

Kelli Ropach, Dyna-Purge International Business Manager (kropach@dynapurge.com)

Shuman Plastics, Inc., Dyna-Purge Division

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Since pioneering commercial purging compounds over 30 years ago, Dyna-Purge continues to deliver on our commitment to offer the best value in high-performance purging products with customer support that is second to none.

That same customer focus drives our ongoing quest for innovation. With our modern laboratory and production facility, we are able to meet new challenges from the market as resins and processes evolve. Our unique products have a natural flow throughout the barrel of the injection molding and extrusion equipment. Dyna-Purge softens, but never completely melts. These thermoplastic compounds loosen carbonized and degraded resin, as well as color, flushing away impurities. Dyna-Purge is the leading supplier of non-chemical, non-abrasive purging compound formulated for safe and effective cleaning. It is the leading high-performance purging compound and a clear choice over in-house plastic resins, regrinds or other commercial products. Join the thousands of customers who are realizing the benefits of using these exceptional products.

Dyna-Purge is available for shipment daily from convenient locations throughout North America and globally through stocking distributors.

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