Jam Polypropylene Co. (JPPC)

No. 5, North Falamak St., Eyvanak Blvd, Farahzadi Blvd., Shahrak Qods, 1467715171 Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic

Telephone +98 21 84287222
Fax +98 21 88563100


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Product category: Polypropylene

Jampilen RP340R

Polypropylene is translucent in nature due to its crystallinity and crystal morphology. To overcome this barrier in applications needing high clarity, mainly in packaging industry, Jam polypropylene Co. has developed a random copolymer grade containing 3rd generation Sorbitol-based clarifier. Jampilen RP340R with high fluidity and excellent transparency is suitable for injection molding and injection stretch blow molding applications.

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Product category: Polypropylene

Jampilen Solutions for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene

(BOPP) Film

Plastic films are of critical importance to the packaging market, and biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films have emerged as one of the market leaders with superior optical and mechanical qualities to their polyethylene counterparts.

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Product category: Polypropylene

Jampilen EP548R

This grade with high MFR has been developed specially for automotive parts, home appliance components and thin wall items. The grade features good impact strength, high stiffness and excellent antistatic properties. Due to its excellent moldability and short cycle times, Jampilen EP548R allows high productivity rates.

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Product category: Polypropylene

Jampilen EP440L / Jampilen EP432L

High impact strength is a requirement for many applications, especially in automotive parts. Jampilen EP440L in comparison with conventional copolymers, such as Jampilen E332L with the same MFR and same rigidity, exhibits much higher toughness which provides a tool for product designers to have more flexibility in the formulations and process / property balance. Jampilen EP432L is very similar to Jampilen EP440L with long-term thermal stability making it a good candidate for high-temperature exposed applications.

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Product category: Polypropylene

Jampilen EP440G

Jampilen EP440G is specifically designed for corrugated sheet, thermoforming and extrusion blow molding applications. The grade benefits from very high impact resistance, high stiffness and dimensional stability and suitable melt strength.

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About us

Company details

Jam Polypropylene Co. (JPPC) was established in 2004 in Pars Free Energy Zone in Asaluyeh on the northern shores of the Persian Gulf. Thus, Jam Polypropylene Co. is in a unique position to contribute to the global petrochemical downstream markets while respecting all quality standards. To achieve this goal, Jam Polypropylene Co. enjoys some significant logistic advantages including availability of low-cost, gas-based feedstock, prominent production capacity, strategic location and proximity to port Asaluyeh that expedites the export operation and timely delivery of products. Jam Polypropylene Co.’s most important asset is its specialty in POLYPROPYLENE. The very foundation of our success is the value that we create and dedicate to our customers through the high quality of the products and mainly the technical solutions we provide for our customers on the basis of the comprehensive knowledge that exists within the company. The competitiveness of the company is believed to be a number of fundamental factors including but not limited to:

Respect for the quality to meet standards
Respect of commitments, deadlines, and on-time delivery
Respect of prices
Respect of technical services provided for customers

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