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Our products

Product category: Lamps and components

Industrial Applications

Phoseon's UV LED curing products are utilized in a wide range of industrial applications due to their long-life and high-reliability. The majority of Phoseon's customers have unique requirements for a curing lamp to either fit an existing process or develop a new one. By taking advantage of UV LED curing, industrial companies are able to lower their overall energy usage, regain floor space, and improve worker safety.Air-cooled products such as the FireJet family provide a simple, economical method of achieving high peak irradiance. For higher energy requirements, Phoseon offers water-cooled systems such as FirePower. These products are not impacted by ambient air temperature and are ideally suited for tight process control.

Manufacturing, Design, Repair

Industrial processes require products that can work in tough, sometimes harsh manufacturing, design and repair environments. Automated processes work will with UV LED curing lamps due to being a solid-state, semiconductor based device that allows for instant on-off or variable irradiance control of the UV energy. UV LED curing enables customers to speed up their processes, reduce costs, and increase quality. UV LED curing includes but is not limited to manufacturing solar panels, wood/plastic coatings, thin films, bottle processing, rapid design prototyping via 3D printing and wind turbine repair.

Functional and Decorative Coatings, Adhesives

Coatings and adhesives used in industrial processes have stringent requirements. These products are typically manufactured in large volume with a need for process consistency. UV LED curing lamps are an ideal fit for these requirements as they can be built in various configurations (lengths, widths, irradiance intensity) with more control over applied dose to increase manufacturing throughput and product performance. Functional coatings are used for wood roller coating, fiber optics and several automotive components. Decorative examples include: digital printing of wood, coloring of wire and fiber, and automotive trim. Adhesive curing is used in the manufacturing process for electronics, medical devices and automotive.

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Product category: Lamps and components

UV LED Curing Products

The FireEdge™ is designed as a simple, low cost, small form factor air-cooled UV LED curing lamp for pinning and curing of inks, coatings and adhesives.

Emitting Window Sizes:



Peak Irradiance @ Wavelength:

3W/cm² @ 365nm

5W/cm² @ 385/395/405nm


Optics Options
Analog Control
Pinning, Gelling, and Edge Curing


Application: UV Printing on Boards

Barberán utilizes UV LED curing technology for single pass digital printing.

Application: Label Printing

Saijet roll-to-roll digital color inkjet printer with UV LED pinning by Phoseon's FireEdge.

Learn more about Phoseon applications - UV inkjet printing, UV curable coatings & UV curable adhesives.

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Product category: Lamps and components

UV LED Curing Products

The FireFlex™ is designed as a high-power water-cooled UV LED curing lamp aimed primarily at high-performance/high-speed single pass UV inkjet and wide web/conveyor-based UV curing applications. The FireFlex architecture is designed to allow the systems to be scalable in 75mm increments to as much as 2m in length with a variety of peak irradiance and total UV power specifications based on customer and application needs.

Emitting Window Sizes:




Peak Irradiance @ Wavelength:

4, 8 or 16W/cm² @ 385/395/405nm


High Dose
High Irradiance
Analog Control
Area Curing Applications


Application: Card Personalization

DPST (Digital Printing Solutions & Technologies) announced the launch of their new card personalization systems with front and back (duplex) DOD imaging with Phoseon's FireFlex UV LED curing lamp.

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About us

Company details

Phoseon is a privately held LED technology company located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Starting in 2002, Phoseon Technology pioneered the use of LEDs for UV curing applications using the polymerization process to dry inks, coatings, adhesives and other UV sensitive materials. Phoseon has led to the advancement of sophisticated LED based curing systems with a wide product portfolio serving OEM and end-user markets worldwide. Phoseon believes its LED technology can be extended in many forms to allow entirely new applications, increase productivity, improve workplace safety and minimize adverse environmental impacts in comparison to incumbent technologies. Phoseon's R&D team has extensive knowledge in the development of UV LED systems and the capability to design and build leading edge products to meet the industry's technical demands. With over 200 patents and trademarks, Phoseon has earned a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. We are now ISO certified!The leadership team has more than 80 years combined experience in high-technology Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing,and Marketing of semiconductors and systems.

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