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Our products

Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

Final mixing and straining

Lower investment. Continuous final mixing. Straining and profile extrusion in a single system. VMI Rubber’s final mixing machinery brings you all the benefits of our extrusion expertise, with no need to weigh master batches or chemicals. And you’ll significantly reduce your energy consumption, too.

For final mixing, we recommend iCOM®, developed in cooperation with RheinChemie. iCOM® chemicals are dustless, have a low melting point, and are designed to allow complete dispersion in the rubber compound with just a short mixing time.

With our final mixing solution, you will benefit from compound blending for stable viscosity, transfermix for dispersive and distributive mixing and an integrated strainer. The machinery is easy to adjust for different compounds.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

Product Information

VMI is the world’s specialist in extruder gear pump systems for compound straining, rubber preforming, second stage mixing, and high speed and accurate profile extrusion.

Our extrusion systems combine the plasticization of an extruder with the accurate, high pressure volumetric output of a gear pump. We make it possible to control compound plasticization and output pressure independently, to ensure extreme accuracy and high output – while preventing scorching.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

Combex Preformer

VMI Combex extruder gearpump systems are the ideal solution for your preform production. The cold feed extruder ensures the optimal plastification of the rubber compound, where the highly accurate gearpump takes over and handles the exact dosing. The cutting unit can run in both start-stop and in continous mode, so the preforming system is accurate for small preform sizes up to large.

The Combex systems are available in sizes from 50 Kg/hr up to 3.700 Kg/hr. You are sure to find the right system size at VMI Rubber.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber


Our Shark extruder gearpump system for rubber compounds. Strong enough to handle even the most challenging compounds. Flexible basic systems ready to be configured according to you specific production needs. The extruder screw can be fitted with an MCTD (Transfermix) section and/or with PIN.


The Shark extruder gearpump series are the basis for our final mixing and blending systems for rubber compounds.


A vacuum section can be installed to remove gasses or moisture content from the rubber compounds. The vacuum section is adjustable such that it can handle compounds of different viscosity with ease.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

Extruder Feeder System

The unique properties of rubber make the cutting of cold rubber slabs a challenging task – requiring both skill and strength.

With our long term experience, VMI Rubber has developed a superior feeder cutter with the ability to accurately cut everything from very hard to soft rubber. The Extuder feeder is able to zig-zag cut a wide slab into an endless strip which can be fed into an extruder. Also with this type of cutter you can depend on our robust and sturdy machine design, easily handling the high forces involved with cutting cold rubber.

For continuously feeding an extruder with an endless strip we developed our EF Extruder Feeder. This machine is able to cut a rubber slab up to 900 mm into a single strip. The rotating knife ensures very accurate cutting. A driven inlet roller will pull the rubber slab from the pallet and transport it towards the knife. Cutting is controlled by an on / off dancer roller.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber


Small Footprint, Big output. Strainext straining systems are especially designed for straining of rubber compounds. The extruder gearpump combination can handle cold feed or hot feed. Available in various sizes with outputs ranging up to 4500 Kg/hr.

Strainer heads in various sizes to match the production volume and for manual change (single or twin head) or for automatic screen change over.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

FLEXX® Belt Maker

Endless possibilities with just one machine

Ultra-high quality belt making by extrusion – all in one step with just one VMI machine. The compact VMI FLEXX Belt Maker incorporates steel cord and extruded rubber compound into endless belt on spools – ready for use in the tire building machine. “Just in time”, so you reduce intermediate storage and avoid aging stock material.

We integrated key technological breakthroughs, including:

VMI’s advanced gear pump extrusion technology
Servo controlled placement conveyor
Contactless tungsten carbide knives for accurate cutting
VMI Vision system to check the splice quality

This results in unparalleled splice precision, stable and accurate reinforced strips, a high level of control and flexibility – and time and cost savings. The FLEXX Belt Maker is the optimal way to increase belt production capacity in small, or more economical increments.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

Tunnel Batch Off

Dip, cool and stack rubber compound slabs efficiently with VMI Rubber’s high performance tunnel batch-off. Robust equipment designed based on our decades of mixing experience – working on site with major tire and rubber manufacturers as part of their master, final and remix production.

Each batch-off system is configured in consultation with you and your VMI Rubber specialist. So your operations run smoothly, with quality machinery that does the job to perfection. Besides delivering millroom equipment we also help you determine machine logistics and compound transportation, according to your specifications.

Our Tunnel Batch-off is a cooler which can be combined with different stacking systems, therewith our VMI Rubber specialists are always able to determine the most suitable machine combination for your specific operation. Starting from a robust but simple pendulum stacker which deposits your rubber onto a pallet to our patented high speed MHD III Cutter Stacker which enables you to stack strips, slabs and single cut sheets onto a pallet or into a box.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

Cantilever Batch Off

VMI Rubber’s cantilever batch-off is the foundation of a variety of our cooling and stacking combinations. At the heart of this system is an electric cooling rack – with its bars attached to one side only (cantilevered) – plus a dipping section.

Cantilever batch-off combinations range from a basic system with a six-fan cooling rack and a one-strip stacker to a complete multifunctional batch-off system, capable of handling separate strips, slab, perforated slab and cut sheet.

Our Cantilever batch-off is often used in strip production lines. The strips can be supplied from an open mill or from an extruder in front of the dip tank. After dipping in an anti-tack liquid the strips will be suspended in loops for cooling with air. After the cooling section we can add a wide variety of stackers to optimize your strip or slab handling. VMI Rubber specialists will work together with you to determine your specific needs and create the ideal combination of machinery.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

Rotostrip Cooler

The Rotostrip cooler is designed for the optimum cooling of one or two endless strips pre-cut from an open mill or extruder with a maximum joint width of 200 [mm]. Different lay-outs of the Rotostrip cooler for cooling smaller strips are available. The strips are attached to the conveying chain on the stainless steel cooling rotor. During rotation the strip is gradually transported through the cooler and cooled by the water in the tank.

VMI Rubber’s Rotostrip cooler can easily be combined with our wig-wag electric stacker. This machine combination enables you to stack the produced rubber strips into one or into two separate boxes simultaneously.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

Hydraulic Screen Changer

Hydraulic Screen Changers for VMI Rubber straining systems for rubber compounds. Different sizes available depending on the required output.


Also avaiable single and twin heads in different sizes with manual or automatic locking. Crossheads, Tube heads and quick die change heads.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber


Side feeding system for compounding extruders. The Planetruder single drive side feeding system can accurately dosate an exact amount of plasticized rubber compound into a compounding extruder. Ideal solution for TPE/TPV compounding.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

Mixer Feeder System

The unique properties of rubber make the cutting of cold rubber slabs a challenging task – requiring both skill and strength.

With our long term experience, VMI Rubber has developed a superior cutter with the ability to accurately cut everything from very hard to soft rubber. Depending on the application and your desired output we are able to propose a suitable machine. You can always depend on our robust and sturdy machines, which we designed to handle the high forces involved with cutting cold rubber.

Especially for feeding an internal mixer we developed our IF 329 mixer feeder system. This system can automatically cut and feed a first stage batch into a mixer. The double huggerbelt in front of the rotating knife pulls the rubber slabs of the pallet and makes sure that folds are smoothed out before cutting the rubber slab.

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Product category: Extrusion lines for rubber

Endurance testing

From a vertical road wheel with one or two test positions, to one horizontal road wheel with up to six test positions. VMI Tire offers you a range of robust and reliable drum type tire test machines for passenger, commercial, truck & bus tires. Our machines cover all normal and high-speed endurance tests, as required for global tire certification standards. For each of these machines rolling resistance measurement can be added easily to meet ISO 28580:2009, for the accurate and certified measurements that tire labels require.

Our special “In Center” series drum testers are prepared for the dynamic control of camber and slip angles – and can also be used as a force & moment tester for evaluating high performance tires. Our most sophisticated hydraulic driven tread wear tester can simulate real driving conditions, accurately and repeatedly.

Drum tire testers have a long lifespan, but tire legislation and R&D requirements keep on evolving. So we made it easy to adapt to changing needs by use of decentralized controls. And all VMI Tire testing equipment comes with our user-friendly interface, developed in house, so you always get the most out of your VMI Tire machines.

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About us

Company details

Market leader in rubber production machinery

People feel a real pride when they create technical innovations that keep manufacturers ahead in their markets. That’s the passion behind the VMI Group and our work with tires, rubber, cans and care products. And the reason VMI is the market leader in complex production machinery.

Founded at the end of WWII, we began our work helping to rebuild Dutch industry, including the Netherlands’ railways. Manufacturing expanded as we entered the rubber and tire industries in the early 1960s. In 2004 we acquired the extruder business from AZ in Germany which is today completely integrated in the VMI-group with more then 1000 extruder units installed all over the world.

Our success is your success

We employ more than 800 people around the world, with production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, China and Brazil. These are people who dedicate constant effort to developing new products and solutions to meet current – and future – manufacturing demands.

So you enjoy fast and efficient production, consistent high quality output and profitable return on your investment. Not just on the nuts and bolts of the machinery – but also with long-term and personal relationships with our team of experts.

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> 100 Mill. US $

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> 75%

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> 500



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