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K 2016 fairground map: Hall 4

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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.03  Post processing machines and downstream equipment
  • 03.03.009  Milling machines

Our products

Product category: Milling machines

ECO-NT – Technique for a perfect 5-axis machining

The new ECO NT series by Reichenbacher Hamuel guarantees absolute con-tour accuracy, the highest surface quality and precision. With the new fixed and low vibration gantry concept, the fixed machining table on a rugged frame and the high Z-axis every classical routing process can be carried out.

All machining positions at the workpiece are machined from all sides. The coordinate table concept with setting bushes and fixing holes allows a safe and quick change of workpieces. With the 3D-measuring pin the reference points are read and memorised in the control. In practise this means highest workpiece accuracies. The ECO-NT types are of special interest for customers who process plastics, composites and aluminium.

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Product category: Milling machines

ECO-RS – A completely new sensation

The ECO-RS is one of the most recent machines developed at Reichenbacher Hamuel and available in two different sizes. Installation and start-up of the machining centre are as simple as never before, as almost all parts have been fixed to the machine and need not be removed for transportation or relocation. The special feature of the new series is the way how the components are fed into the machine. The ECO-RS is of the inclined-bed type, meaning that the table is fixed to the machine in an almost vertical position and can be swivelled.

The components are fed into the machine from the front, while machining takes place in the machine’s interior. As the table is inclined by 12°, the components are no longer placed and clamped horizontally, but almost vertically. Once the components are in place, the table will be swivelled by 180°. Here, safety is ensured by a scanner that covers the entire area. Thus, the operator will no longer have to wait for doors to open or similar things.

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Product category: Milling machines

ECO-LT – Up-to-date value for your money

The machining centre ECO-LT is to expand the proven ECO-NT series of Reichenbacher Hamuel by a version available at a favourable price. It has specifically been developed for the machining of plastics, aluminium and composites (CFRP, GRP) and permits the fully automated milling of cutouts, circumferences and profiles.

The low-vibration portal frame with its fixed machining table on a stable base convinces by utmost machining quality at maximum feed rates. The machine is completely encased in a protective cabin including ceiling element, while allowing also for an optimum chip removal. The two versions available meet most different customer requirements.

The ECO-LT features durable mechanical and electronic components. The technical optimisation of its assemblies warrants for process reliability and operating efficiency.

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About us

Company details


In August 1954 Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Reichenbacher founded his company with initially 6 staff members. The first products were carving and copying machines, which are still manufactured in reduced numbers. These machines made Reichenbacher known all over the world.

These products followed: multi-spindle drilling machines, copy milling machines (main market was the clog industry in the 70ies), spiral milling machines, special machines for the production of doors and kitchen furniture as well as machines for the upholstered furniture industry.


The first products are put on the market: manually-operated sculptor's copying machines revolutionize the traditional method of woodcarving, making the name of Reichenbacher famous throughout the world.


Reichenbacher manufactures the RANCAM machine series, the first numerically controlled machining center for woodworking. The Company is now moving from machine-maker to system-provider.


The machine type known as RANCAM goes into series production for the first time, arousing great interest all over Europe. Since the development costs are spread over the whole series, this machine is extremely profitable. It combines a high level of productivity with a reasonable price.


5-axis milling units are equipped with a cardan head for the first time. Reichenbacher thus makes it possible to machine parts with a three-dimensional structure.


The machine series know as VISION sets new standards in the field of woodworking. Its main advantages are: first-class machining, outstanding milling quality and a uniform safety concept.


Thanks to state-of-the-art, multi-channel technology the ECO model is well ahead of its time. It ensures a high level of productivity when machining fiber-reinforced sandwich boards for the aviation industry, for example.


At LIGNA 2003 the series ARTIS is launched, a machine generation especially for the craft.


The Company known as Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH is founded as a 100% subsidiary of HAMUEL Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG. It is integrated into the SCHERDEL Group. To an increasing extent, the Company is becoming a system provider for complete manufacturing solutions.


The newly developed machining centres ECO-O and ECO-NT prove their value above all in the aluminium processing for the automotive industry.


The novelty VISION Premium is introduced at the LIGNA 2009.


For the first time the ECO-NT is equipped with two 5-axis fork heads for reciprocal loading. This allows parallel machining of two parts in one station at the same time.


A special VISION III T Sprint for the machining of big parts such as glued laminated timber, construction wood and multilayer boards guarantees machining up to 46,000 x 2,000mm with traverse paths of X = 50,000mm, Y = 2,900mm and Z = 870mm. The cardanic working head with 55 kW allows 5-axis sawing up to a diameter of 1.000mm.


Presentation of the novelties ECO-RS (inclined-bed type) and VISION-RC (single-head system).


The machining centre ECO-LT is to expand the proven ECO-NT series of Reichenbacher Hamuel by a version available at a favourable price. It has specifically been developed for the machining of plastics, aluminium and composites (CFRP, GRP) and permits the fully automated milling of cutouts, circumferences and profiles.

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