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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.08  Ancillary equipment
  • 03.08.001  Surface pretreatment equipment

Surface pretreatment equipment

Our products

Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment


Flame treatment of plastics encompasses an infinite range of extruded or moulded products. Different applications are covered within this market sector including: bottles, containers, moldings, components, extruded pipes and cable covers, etc. Flame treatment can be utilized to promote the adhesion of labels or print enhancing product quality. This is most beneficial for printing and labeling and insuring that there is no damage to such applications from transit or handling of the product ensuring a products visual integrity and "sale ability" is intact when reaching the supermarket shelf.


Improved print and label durability
Reduce reject rates
Enhanced product quality

Main Applications

Bonding printing
Labelling of Containers
Printing of: Caps, Closures, Bottles, Packaging, Containers and Cables.

Main Advantages

Versatile Treatment.
Low Costs
Low Maintenance
No Primers

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Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment


The laminated carton is proving popular packaging technology, due to its flexibility as a packaging solution and also as an environmentally friendly design with materials coming from renewable resources. Aerogen`s flame treating technology allows for the conditioning of the paper / carton board which prepares its adhesion qualities prior to lamination. Such enhanced adhesion contributes to a product which is used for the storage of liquids such as milk and fruit juices.


Enhanced Carton Integrity
Prevents De-Lamination
Eliminates Pin Holes in Laminate - Thus Preventing Cross Contamination
Enhanced Adhesion

Main Applications

Paper and Carton Board
Extrusion Coating PE or Nylon

Main Advantages

Increased Bonding of Laminate to Board
100% Fibre Tear Result
No Ozone Emissions or Hazardous By-Products

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Product category: Surface pretreatment equipment


Films such as BOPP can benefit from flame treatment where the final coating requirements demand high adhesion qualities in the substrate that other methods of surface treatment cannot offer. Such examples are high performance adhesive tapes requiring a low adhesive coating application on the non-sticky side of the film. The flame enhances the adhesion of the film thus allowing for low adhesion coating to be applied that would otherwise not be compatible.


High adhesion properties for printing and coating

Main Applications


Main Advantages

Offers High Treatment Levels
No Backside Treatment
No Decay of Treatment
No Pin Holing
No Hazardous Emissions

Our Technology

Patented Burners
Flame Plasma
Automatic Flame Controls

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About us

Company details

Aerogen is a specialist manufacturer of flame treatment systems, combustion systems, industrial gas burners and gas controls. Aerogen specialise in flame treatment to improve adhesion properties of papers and plastics with the benefit of both process and economical advantages. Aerogen serve a broad range of industries using gas burner technology.

Why Flame Treatment

In all instances flame treatment offer superior results to other methods such as corona or plasma.
Flame treatment offers higher treatment levels and no decay of treatment.
The treatment level remains virtually indefinitely.
Both process and economical advantages.

Applications of Flame Treatment

Automotive - For painting and bonding of car bumpers and instrument panels etc.
Converting/Printing - Web treatment or conditioning improves adhesion for laminating, coating and printing.
Plastics - Flame treatment offers enhanced adhesion solutions for cups, caps, cables and containers when printing or labeling.Film - Printing for gift wrapping, confectionary, snack foods etc.
Bakery - Baking of bread, cakes, pizza's, biscuits and searing or branding.

Implementing flame treatment will enhance product quality and durability, leading to a reduction in raw materials, waste and overall manufacturing costs. Due to the efficient low cost gas consumpition, savings in the production process can be measured immediately.

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