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  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.002  Measuring and test equipment for mechanical or dynamic properties
  •  Thickness gauges
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.007  Measuring and test equipment for optical properties
  • 03  Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries
  • 03.09  Measuring and test equipment
  • 03.09.008  Measuring equipment for moisture content

Measuring equipment for moisture content

Our products

Product category: Thickness gauges

NEW! FilmPro Thickness Infrared Sensor

NDC will be showcasing its latest FilmPro infrared gauge for the sheet, film and coating industries. This gauge uses advanced optical techniques to measure a wide range of film and sheet properties with high precision. NDC’s continuing NIR developments have resulted in the release of new non-contacting, non-nuclear infrared measurement techniques using a single gauge for multiple applications. NDC’s modular FilmPro gauge can measure the thickness of clear, voided, pigmented, cavitated, porous, translucent colored and even black tinted films. The measurement capability of the FilmPro also extends to single- or multi-layer products including thin, biaxially-orientated films, cast films and CPE stretch films. It can also simultaneously measure the individual thicknesses of up to 6 different layers in co-extruded films.

Until recently, accurate thickness measurement of voided films and battery separator films had proven difficult due to product density variation. X-ray, nuclear and basic/traditional infrared gauges all measure mass per unit area (gsm) and then relate this to film thickness assuming constant density. NDC has now developed a new measurement model combining discrete NIR filters and powerful gauging algorithms, and for the first time can offer with FilmPro the ability to independently measure direct film thickness measurement, the mass per unit area (gsm) and an independently computed density measurement of these products.

Its unique design also provides the capability for measuring the oil content in PE battery films, including the wet cast film after the biax stretch part of the process.

See Live Demonstration: The FilmPro gauge will be demonstrated on NDC’s Pro.Net TDi Web Gauging System platform with the new iView ProTM Operator Work Station (OWS) and MiniTrakTMO-Frame scanner.  This scanning platform delivers fast, accurate, reliable quality measurements that are tightly integrated into an intelligent, distributed web gauging architecture from NDC.

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for optical properties

MiniTrak O-Frame Scanner for Web Gauging Applications

The MiniTrak™ intelligent O-Frame scanner offers fast, accurate, reliable measurement performance that is tightly integrated into an intelligent, distributed web gauging architecture from NDC. 

For plants with complex lines and multiple processes, the MiniTrak O-Frame scanner family delivers the results that customers expect. For example, MiniTrak O-Frame scanners can be combined and configured with NDC’s full sensor portfolio of transmission gauges and software products.
The mechanical design of the MiniTrak O-frame and S-Frame scanners is based on an identical box-beam construction for excellent rigidity and measurement performance. The linear bearing system and precision rails provide long life and deliver superior scanner run out. Scanner reliability and performance are maximized by internally protecting the components within the frame. Scanner maintenance has been designed using modular parts that are easily replaced for minimum downtime. Finally, the MiniTrak frame utilizes a sealing brush system around the head carriage to keep foreign particulates out of the internal structure, plus an inverted upper beam to prevent contaminants from falling onto the sheet. The MiniTrak O-Frame scanner has a small footprint that permits it to fit into restricted positions on the process.

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Product category: Thickness gauges

NEW! 8000-SLIM Web Gauging System and SlimTrak Scanner for Narrow Web

NDC’s new compact 8000-SLIM web gauging system and SlimTrak scanner for narrow web applications offers an economic solution to product quality management with uncompromised performance and capability. The new SlimTrak scanner offers several benefits for narrow web processors. First it is designed with a small cross section footprint for compact installations. SlimTrak’s cross sectional area is less than 150mm x 150mm (6” x 6”) and supports web widths from 200mm (8”) to 1600mm (63”). Next, the scanner electronics can be mounted up to 20 meters (65ft) away from the scanner, allowing them to be located in a more suitable environment for enhanced reliability and maintainability. SlimTrak also supports one of NDC’s IG710, SR710 infrared sensors or gamma backscatter sensor.

NDC’s 8000-SLIM system delivers fast, real-time measurement and tight control of key product parameters such as thickness, coat weight, basis weight and moisture. It offers a rich feature set from NDC’s 8000 web solutions family and can support up to 2 SlimTrak scanners, each with one sensor. By combining speed, accuracy, control and information into an intelligent open architecture, this cost-effective system represents an ideal solution for narrow web process lines. The result is a well-designed system based on solid technologies and applications knowledge from NDC. Plants profit from improved process visibility and control, enabling coating and extruded sheet manufacturers to increase productivity while lowering manufacturing costs.

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Product category: Thickness gauges

Pro.Net TDi Web Gauging System

NDC’s Pro.Net TDi web gauging system is based on a Totally Distributed Intelligence (TDi) architecture that is fundamentally different from other gauging systems. Every critical node in the system is intelligent. For example, the operator workstations (OWS), the scanning frames (iFramesTM) and the measurement gauges (iSensorsTM). The intelligent frames and intelligent gauges operate in parallel to provide fast response for all data generation and information transmission tasks. This distributed intelligent structure creates high system integrity, seamless expansion and a simplified gauging platform.

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Product category: Measuring and test equipment for optical properties

NEW! iView ProTM Operator Work Station (OWS)

NDC’s new intelligent iView Operator Workstations provide real-time visibility for both the process and product quality through numerous interactive displays using a touch screen interface. These intuitive displays are easy for the operators to navigate through in order to quickly find the information they need to effectively run the line.

The iView Operator Workstations (OWS) are available in two models. The iView Mini supports NDC’s 8000TDi platform with a complete library of quality, control and diagnostic displays to help optimize the process and achieve greater line performance. The new iView Pro supports NDC’s Pro.Net platform and expands the conventional web gauging envelope with advanced multi-dimensional displays that give a greater insight into quality and production. This includes process diagnostics, extensive quality analysis and reporting displays plus advanced measurement and control capability for complex lines where extensive web gauging measurements are required.

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About us

Company details

NDC Technologies is a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions. We offer a diverse range of innovative technologies that provide an optimum solution for each application. This includes an extensive range of web gauging solutions for the extrusion, converting, calendering, and nonwovens industries. Systems can be configured as straightforward fixed-point gauges up through multiple scanning systems for complex processes. These solutions deliver real-time measurement and control of key product parameters such as thickness, coat weight and basis weight, plus advanced measurements such as density of cavitated films or pre-extraction oil content in porous battery separators. The result is a well thought-through solution based on solid technologies and process knowledge, delivering the results our customers expect. In fact NDC’s investment in gauging technologies provides the widest range of web gauging measurements and controls available today.

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