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Wedding day highlight: walking down the aisle in an EPS dress

Alyssa Hertz Alyssa Hertz, left, created a wedding dress out of expanded polystyrene products, modeled by her friend Annie Miller. (Source: Plastics News)

A high school student from the US state of Ohio has succeeded in attracting the attention not only of women who are keen to get married in an unusual dress but also of players in the plastics community: Alyssa Hertz makes wedding dresses out of expanded polystyrene (EPS), also known as Styrofoam.

A report published in such media as the well-known US magazine People and the website of NBC’s Today Show has created a sensation in the plastics community: because someone has made something unusual out of plastic that is not normally ever associated with plastic ...

Alyssa Hertz Alyssa Hertz works on the EPS dress. (Source: Plastics News)

Alyssa Hertz is in her final year at Copley High School near Akron in the US state of Ohio. One of her passions is making dresses out of unusual materials. She has already produced a cocktail dress from newspaper and recently made a wedding dress from expanded polystyrene – also known as Styrofoam – for her friend Annie Miller.

Alyssa Hertz reports that the “EPS wedding dress” project proved to be a challenge at first: she had to produce more than 500 moulded EPS parts of different sizes and then stick them together to make the dress. The material was prone to cracking and some parts melted in the course of heat treatment. After a while, she worked out how to do it properly, however, and then things started to go smoothly. And the final result is stunning – beautiful and unique (see photo). Alyssa Hertz is now planning to enter her EPS wedding dress in the “Cleveland IngenuityFest”. What is involved here is a competition in which the works of local artists and inventors are exhibited – and prizes can be won. A few weeks later, Alyssa Hertz is moving on to Kent State University, where she will be studying fashion design. K-online wishes her every success. GD (Source: F. Esposito, Plastics News)