Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG

Vinnolit and Debolon support the "House of NICA" – the sustainability house of the trainees in the Chemical Industrial Park Knapsack

In the course of the project NICA – Sustainability in the Chemical Education – the trainees of the Rhine-Erft-Academy in the Chemical Industrial Park Knapsack designed a sustainability house on their own initiative. The Vinyl manufacturer Vinnolit and the flooring manufacturer Debolon support this project by laying a durable PVC floor.

Sustainability – in the field of conflict between economic feasibility, environmental responsibility and social responsibility – is today one of the key challenges of any company. The model project NICA – Sustainability in the Chemical Education – is to prepare the trainees of the Rhine-Erft Academy practically for this. The House of NICA, the sustainability house in the Chemical Industrial Park Knapsack, was planned and built by the "Trainee project company" on their own, supported by donations and by giving guidance by the companies of the site. Also the Vinyl manufacturer Vinnolit at Knapsack participated in the project gladly. Already before its start, the project "House of NICA" was awarded by UNESCO as official decade project in 2006. After a long lead time the construction could be started in May 2008. On 7 May 2010, the house was officially inaugurated.

In cooperation with the flooring manufacturer Debolon in Dessau (www.debolon.de), which provided the flooring free of charge, Vinnolit took care of the laying of the PVC floor in the House of NICA. Especially in the commercial sector, PVC is ideal for flooring, because it is highly durable, slip resistant and easily to clean due to a special finish. Ideal for a function room for workshops and seminars, for which the "House of NICA" is to be used among others. Another advantage of PVC flooring is its good impact sound insulation. The flexible PVC flooring is quick and easy to install, and can later get exchanged easily. The environment benefits, too, because PVC floorings are durable, easy to clean and recyclable.

PVC floors are available in different designs, from classic models to cutting-edge designs. The trainees of the project company opted for a classic version in an attractive wood-effect, because the "House of NICA is designed not only for events, but thought the “Trainee Lounge” also as meeting place and lounge for the students of the chemical industrial park.