1st day of K 2016 Preview

K 2016 Preview overview

The entire exhibition grounds, more than 170,000 square meters, is fully booked. The trade fair K 2016 opens in Düsseldorf from the 19 to 26 October presenting the innovations of the international plastics and rubber industry.

Japan - Michio Komatsu, Director - Japan Society of Plastics Technology

K-Preview 2016 starts today with the interview with Michio Komatsu, Director - Japan Society of Plastics Technolgy. He gave us first impressions about innovations and expectations concerning the K in October in Düsseldorf.

Poland - Pawel Wisniewski of Publishing Company - Plastech

Pawel Wisniewski of Publishing Company - Plastech, expects different innovations for example in the area of machinery, but also concerning materials for packaging. To invest and to inform is very important, he told, the K is great for the latest news of different companies.

Iran - A. A. Saatnia, CEO, Polymer Industries Media International

A. A. Saatnia works as a journalist for a long time in Iran. He is CEO and Founder of Polymer Industries Media International. This year 3D printing will be an important theme for Iran at the K, because right now they are able to perform in the 3D business and receive good cooperations.

Germany - Reifenhäuser, CEO, Bernd Reifenhäuser

Bernd Reifenhäuser, CEO Reifenhäuser offered a detailed overview of their latest innovations. One of them is based on cotton and called High Loft, which is much more softer than cotton.

Germany - exhibitor Sikora about Millimeter Wave Technology

At the K in October Sikora will present a new technology, Millimeter Wave Technology. Millimeter Wave Technology is interesting for the diameter and ovality of large plastic tubes, Harry Prunk, Executive Board, explained.

German exhibitor - Battenfeld-Cincinnati about Industry 4.0

Gerold Schley, CEO, Battenfeld-Cincinnati Extrusion Holding is one of the German exhibitors at the K 2016. In the interview he spoke about the new control system for Industry 4.0. applications and other company developments which will be shown at the fair in October.

Japanese-German exhibitor - Sumitomo SHI DEMAG

Gerd Liebig, Chief Sales Officer, Sumitomo SHI DEMAG talked about the two topics the company will focus on at the fair. One is packaging with the focus on productivity, the other is electric machines with important innovations.

2nd day of K 2016 Preview

Germany - German exhibitor Wacker Chemie about LSR and Lighting

Dr. Wolfgang Schattenmann, Director Rubber Solutions Engineering Silicones of Wacker Chemie about the launches of eleven products these days. The focus is on LSR area and lighting area.

Chinese journalist Naomi Lee, Adsale Publishing, about the market situation

We talked to the Chinese journalist Naomi Lee, Head of Editorial, Adsale Publishing, who visited the press conference and is impressed by the theme days of the K-Preview. Concerning the Chinese plastic industry she expect the market will grow, because compared to the past the economy is adjusting and upgrading the technology more and more.

Indian journalist Ginu Joseph, Emerald Plastics Magazines India

Ginu Joseph Indian journalist, Editor in Chief & Director gave us an overview about the Indian plastic and rubber industry. He told, compared to other countries India is growing faster in these branches of industry. At the same time the sustainable development is also a big issue.

Italian exhibitor - Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri about their collaborations

Dr. Riccardo Cira, Global Commercial and Marketing Manager, Huntsman Technoelastomeri about their global collaborations with German producers and innovations which will reduce the costs for their customers and a better resistance and high safety grade.

German exhibitor - Lanxess "Quality works"

Dr. Hubert Fink, Member of the Board of Management, Lanxess will show their quality innovations. Their main topic will be "Quality works" concerning different parts for example sustainability, products for automotive or the E&E industry.

German exhibitor BASF and the innovations for the K

BASF launches a new PPA portfolio and an interesting solution of a track and trace system. Also bioplastics will be a topic at the fair, but Richard Amberger, Group Leader Communications Performance Materials Europe also mentioned that these are only some of a number of innovations you see at the K.

3rd day of K 2016 Preview

Austria - exhibitor Erema about recycling and requirements of the future

Erema is one the world's market leader in the development and production of plastics recycling systems. Of course the development of technologies and also measurement tools for different machines are their main tasks with the focus on the K, Manfred Hackl, CEO, explained.

Germany - German exhibitor HEKUMA about the K and their preparations

Bernhard Rupke, Managing Director of HEKUMA spoke about their new high performance solution for the medical industry. They are proud to present the solution, because they have developed it together with the company ENGEL especially for the K 2016.

Petra Cullmann, Trade fair Düsseldorf, Global Portfolio Director for Plastics and Rubber

Petra Cullmann, trade fair Düsseldorf, Global Portfolio Director for Plastics and Rubber gave us an overview about the K 2016. The exhibitors will show a lot of innovations for example of new materials, Industry 4.0 or applications. The K is the place to be for the global players for getting an idea of future trends, exhibitors from more than 60 countries are expected.

France - French exhibitor Sepro Robotique and their robots

Jean-Michel Renaudeau, Managing Director of SEPRO Robotique spoke about their exhibition stand and their themes at the K 2016. They will present 28 robots and show a hugh range of the possibilities. 5-axis and 6-axis robots are more and more in the focus of the market, he told.

Israeli journalist Dorit Tsuriel, Polymers & Plastics in Israel and changes in the market

The Israeli journalist Dorit Tsuriel, Editor, Polymers & Plastics in Israel thinks that automotive, medicine and packaging are industrial fields which will change most during the next years.

Germany - Haitian International Germany about being succesful

Philippe Porret, Deputy General Manager of Haitian International Germany told us what the company does for being succesful. It is important to offer the right product for the right apllications, because the customers need more and more flexibility. The technology has to be different to fit to a huge product portfolio of the whole customers.

Germany - exhibitor LPKF and his product launches

Lars Ederleh, Managing Director of LPKF informed about three product launches on the K show. One is a new machine generation which can handle 3D data directly at the machines and is equipped with a new UI. The welding market for example will have benefits of it.