Specials at the K 2016

K 2016 makes the difference

Plastics shape the future

Special Show at K 2013
During K 2016 the special show "Plastics shape the future" will highlight the developments that are already taking shape and the visions that may become reality tomorrow. With reference to examples, the show demonstrates to what extent plastics are making their mark on modern living spaces – functionally, aesthetically and sustainably. Attention is also devoted to economic and environmental matters, and even problematical issues like marine litter, for example, will be addressed.

Universities, institutes and agencies at the Science Campus

Pioneering technologies and solutions

Safeguarding and enhancing the industry’s innovative performance, cooperation between academic institutions and commercial enterprises are an important contribution to the competitive edge of almost every segment of the industry. The Science Campus, launched at K 2013, the most important specialist trade show for plastics and rubber in the world, has taken this positive effect into account. Presented by numerous scientific organizations, the event is intended to intensify the discourse between science and industry.

Innovation Compass

Tomorrow's themes for the plastic and rubber sectors

3D fab + print at K 2016

The processing of plastics is constantly taking on new forms. We are now experiencing how a new future-oriented production technology is being developed: The 3D print. The importance of this technology for tool technology, component production, medical technology and the consumer goods industry is thus immense.

From design to reality

Design Chain

Grafik: design chain Teaserbild

Promoting plastics innovation within the design chain

Design Chain @K conference acts as a platform in the plastics industry, bringing together respected names in the ‘plastics value chain’ with notable designers and brands, to consider global perspectives on innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Design Chain @K conference will be returning to the world’s premier trade fair for plastics and rubber, K 2016, following the success of its first event. The two-day conference will be held alongside the trade show in Messe Düsseldorf on 24-25 October 2016.
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Bioplastics Business Breakfast
On three days during the show from Oct 20-22, 2016 bioplastics MAGAZINE will host a Bioplastics Business Breakfast: From 8 am to 12:30 am the delegates will have the chance to listen and discuss highclass presentations and benefit from a unique networking opportunity.

These are the main topics of each day:

20.10.: Bioplastics in Packaging
21.10.: PLA, an innovative Bioplastic
22.10.: Bioplastics in Durable Applications