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Logo package – cross media

A booking spreads your company logo in all relevant media channels: If you book a logo package, we place your coloured company logo in the catalogue, the Internet portal, in the KATI visitor information system and in the mobile application/app

Tip: Also present your company as a brand where it will be seen by everybody – on the trade fair navigators on site.

Price: 510 € plus VAT

Top of the list entry

  • The pole position among the product categories: The top of the list entry deactivates the alphabetical sorting for you.

  • Your company name will also be placed at the top point and highlighted in colour

  • The top placement applies for the Internet portal

  • Limited to 3 exhibitors per product category

Tip: Combine the entry with your logo so that your company name stands out even more prominently.

Price: 950 € plus VAT

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