vhf camfacture AG

Special Tools for Dental Technology:
Product Range of Radius Cutters Considerably Extended

vhf has been offering their radius cutters with extra long free
grinding for not more than approximately one year, and they have already generated an enormous demand. Thus vhf now offers these tools not only with three different grindings for several kinds of materials, but also with coatings which are adapted to each material. Furthermore, some tools are now also available in a more stable version with shortened cutting edge.

There is a completely new version of the radius cutter available for machining nano compound materials. It has an extra abrasive-resistant coating and thus guarantees a long endurance. Additionally the product range of cutters for wax, plastics and non-ferrous metals (always uncoated) and for zirconium oxide (either coated or uncoated) has been further extended: All versions with 1 and 2 millimetres cutting edge diameter are now also available with a shortened cutting edge length of just 2 respectively 4 millimetres. The length of the free grinding remains the same with 16 millimetres. The shortened cutting edge increases the stability of the tool under load and thus enables higher rates of feed.

Generally, the cutting edge diameter of the tools amounts to 1 to 3 millimetres each. The version for plastics, wax and non-ferrous metals is now available with additional cutting edge diameters, starting at 0.3 millimetres.