SRI LANKA: BOC offers "Thurusaviya Loan Scheme” to small scale rubber estate owners

This loan scheme was initiated under the patronage of General Manger D. M. Gunasekara and the Bank's corporate management.

Rubber is one of the three main export crops of Sri Lanka. At present, the country produces 150,000 metric tonnes of rubber annually. The income received from export of rubber in 2010 was Rs. 83,224 Million (USD 736 million).

Observations since 2004 have revealed that the income gained from rubber production has been increasing continuously. It is from the rubber produced by the small rubber estate owners that the government earns up to 65% of the foreign exchange from exports.

Source: "Daily Mirror", Colombo, 28 Feb 2013(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)