SKZ: Conference - "2nd International Conference on Flame Retardants"

15 - 16 May 2011, Guangzhou, China

First Circular & Call for papers

In the light of the recovery of world economy and flame retardant markets, the 2nd International Conference on Flame Retardants: Requirements, Challenges and Innovations will give a comprehensive overview of the drivers regarding new developments in fire safety, flame retardants, and advanced applications in the key technologies of building industry, transportation, electrical engineering and electronics (E&E) sectors. The main drivers are the growing international demand for flame retarded products as a consequence of more stringent fire safety and environmental requirements, and new approaches to sustainability (electro mobility and photovoltaics, green electronics, adapted flame retardants).

The conference aims at helping all those involved in the fire safety of polymers to identify the main changes and trends on the flame retardants markets and to develop adequate strategies for today and tomorrow.

The latest trends in fire safety requirements and tests for building construction in Europe and European railways, E&E, and other relevant fields will be presented in detail.

New developments in flame retardants and flame retardant systems in polymers will be another focus of this conference. The presentations will deal with new families of brominated and phosphorous-containing polymeric flame retardants, innovative intumescent systems based on hosphorous/nitrogen, advanced phosphorous flame retardants for engineering plastics, polyolefins and laminates, synergistic flame retardant systems with metal hydroxides and other components. This session will assist the user in optimizing its product range, and the developer in launching R&D projects. Finally, environmental aspects influencing the use of flame retardants in the future will be dealt with.

This 2nd International Conference on Flame Retardants in China organized by SKZ and FEPS will bring together top-class national and international experts. Conference chairman and speakers will be happy to discuss with you and help to solve your problems.

The presentations will be given in English or Chinese and translated by a professional conference interpreter team.

Call for Papers: Papers on the above mentioned topics are invited. Paper title and the main contents in 3 or 4 bullet points are asked for until 1 February 2011. Please submit them to Dr. Jürgen Troitzsch and I. Bender (jtroitzsch@troitzsch.com and I.Bender@skz.de).

Exhibition: A small exhibition is planned during the conference. The exhibits will be displayed outside of the conference room, allowing the attendees to view the products and to discuss with the exhibitors. Please contact the organizers for further details.

Wallet Service: The organizers will operate a wallet service, whereby companies and organizations can disseminate information material to the attendees. Please contact the organizers for further details.

Sponsoring: Sponsoring will include the participation in the exhibition and the wallet service. In addition, the company or organization will be displayed on the conference announcements, flyers, the internet, and the program & registration form. Please contact the organizers for further details.
Details on venue, registration, conference fees and social functions will be given shortly.

Contact SKZ:
Mrs. Dipl.-Übers. Irina Bender
Tel. ++49 (0)931 4104-436