Review: Specials at K 2013

Plastics move the world

Image of trade fair stand for special show
Also meeting with great interest amongst trade visitors from throughout the world was the K 2013 special show entitled “Kunststoff bewegt – Plastics move the World”. This show highlighted the contribution made by plastics to a “life in movement”. The aim here was to address the direct contribution of plastics to the varied facets of mobility as well as emotional movement – for instance, by way of art and design. Future-oriented issues revolving around the major themes of population growth, energy needs and climate change were also discussed. The stand opening on 16 October saw Germany’s former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer discuss the issue of sustainability.
The show was hosted by the German plastics industry under the aegis of PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. and Messe Düsseldorf.

Science Campus

Safeguarding and enhancing the industry’s innovative performance, cooperation between academic institutions and commercial enterprises are an important contribution to the competitive edge of almost every segment of the industry. The Science Campus, launched at K 2013, the most important specialist trade show for plastics and rubber in the world, has taken this positive effect into account. The special forum provided an overview of activities and results. Presented by numerous scientific organizations, the event was intended to intensify the discourse between science and industry.

For the first time, 16 universities, institutes and agencies have come together in Hall 7.0 of the exhibition area in Düsseldorf to present pioneering technologies and solutions for central challenges faced by the plastics and rubber industry. At the communication and discussion forum hosted at the centre of the Science Campus, the hosts discussed topical issues that concern the entire industry such as
  • Surfaces (functional scope and processes)
  • Functional integration (materials and processes)
  • Light-weight engineering (structural materials and processes)
  • Material cycles (renewable resources, biopolymers, recycling)
  • Scientific education
Members of Scientific Board of K 2013 or rather, teams from their institutes prepared these issues for presentation.

Exhibitors and partners:
  • Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR)
  • The Fraunhofer POLO Alliance comprising following Fraunhofer institues:
    • Applied Optics and Precision Engineering – IOF
    • Applied Polymer Research – IAP
    • Structural Durability and System Reliability –LBF
    • Chemical Technology – ICT
    • Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology – IGB
    • Wood Research – WKI
    • Laser Technology – ILT
    • Process Engineering and Packaging – IVV
    • Mechanics of Materials – IWM
  • Darmstadt University of Applied Sciendes - Institute of Plastics Technology
  • Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research, Dresden
  • TU Dresden Institute of Lightweight Engeineering and Polymer Technology
  • Institute of Plastics Technology, University of Stuttgart
  • RWTH Aachen University - Institute of Plastics Prcessing
  • TU Kaiserslautern
  • University of Linz
  • University of Bayreuth


Tomorrow's themes for the plastic and rubber sector

Innovation is the hallmark of K – like no other trade fair for the plastic and rubber industries it offers the widest and most varied range of ideas and products.

Also at K 2016 you can find out all about the innovations that exhibitors have to offer!

3D fab + print

The processing of plastics is constantly taking on new forms, such as the 3D print. The VDMA with its Fachverband Kunststoff und Gummimaschinen (Association of Plastics and Rubber Machinery) accompanies this development with its commitment to the brand 3D fab+print, which combined all solutions from the field of additive production processes at K2013.

However, not only plastic is used in future-oriented 3D printing technology but also metal, ceramics, plaster and paper are already being processed with the 3D print procedure. The importance of this technology for tool technology, component production, medical technology and the consumer goods industry is thus immense. This is the reason why Messe Düsseldorf not only placed special focus on this topic by way of the brand 3D fab+print at K but also at the events of the Bright World of Metals, at MEDICA, at COMPAMED and at drupa. This way, it offered its exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the important technology of the future – 3D print.

3D fab+print companies at K 2013:

  • alphacam GmbH
  • ARBURG GmbH & Co. KG
  • Bayer MaterialScience AG
  • Concept Laser GmbH
  • envisionTEC GmbH
  • EOS GmbH
  • Fraunhofer-Institut ILT
  • Guidolin Girotto S.r.l.
  • Hofmann Innovation Group GmbH
  • LaserMicronics GmbH
  • Lehmann & Voss & Co. KG
  • POLYTEC EMC Engineering GmbH
  • Schneider Prototyping GmbH
  • Schüchl Vakuum-Maschinen
  • SEI S.p.A.
  • SK - Das Kunststoff Zentrum
  • Stratasys GmbH
  • The Cool Tool GmbH
  • Wacker Chemie AG

Bioplastics Business Breakfast

Logo Bioplasics Business Breakfast
On three days during the show from Oct 17 - 19, bioplastics MAGAZINE hosted a Bioplastics Business Breakfast: From 8:00 am to 12:30 the delegates got the chance to listen and discuss highclass presentations and benefit from a unique networking opportunity.

Maintopics at the Business Breakfast were:
  • Bioplastics in Packaging
  • PLA, an innovative Bioplastic
  • Bioplastics in Durable Applications

Design Chain@K

Banner Design Chain
The event offered both Designers and Material companies the opportunity to showcase their use of materials in innovative design for a variety of product sectors via a range of presentations with the emphasis on real time case studies.

The Design Chain Conference had a breadth of sessions offering an insight into the practical and technical innovation aspects of the Design Chain in today’s plastics arena. Looking not only at the designer’s use of plastics, but also the manufacturing, supply chain and project management issues that product designers have to deal with. Presentations were based around case studies of design and manufacturing projects and were presented by a designer and their material partner in the design project which will reflect the Design Chain process.

Market sectors such as Automotive, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Construction, Packaging, Sustainability and innovations in 3D printing have been targeted as key areas for the conference to explore.

Design Chain Conference
The conference agenda focused on the following market sectors:

The weight of planes, cars, trains and sea vessels has become a critical factor in the design chain of today’s modern fleet. The use of lightweight materials that are durable and strong, whilst maintaining performance is increasingly popular in manufacturing today. Hear why these materials are the choice of the designer in this highly competitive market.

Medical / Healthcare
The growth in the consumer ‘self-help’ and preventive medicine is an important factor in the design of new medical devices along with the need to produce cost effective yet patient friendly products for the consumer and health professional.

Consumer Electronics
Is consumer concern the main criteria for designing ‘green’ products? Is this driving the growth of innovative plastics or is it the functionality and overall design that is crucial in the highly competitive market place..?

Consumer Goods
Innovation in the use of materials addresses the challenges and increasing pressure to produce lightweight and environmentally friendly products with high-impact strength, performance and abrasion-resistance. For brands, design is a powerful differentiator and stand-out aesthetics can be achieved through the use of materials with superior surface quality. In addition, designing with plastics means production costs are very competitive.

3D Printing in materials product design
Rapid proto-typing has been around in design circles for some time now though it is now a popular topic with consumers and receiving a lot of publicity! Let’s find out about the myths and reality of 3D printing from industry experts.

Buildings / Education / Architecture
Recent developments in construction design and the increasing trend for using plastics offers architects the opportunity to be innovative in new design and well as practical in retrofitting projects.

Packaging / Sustainability / Recycling
Sustainability has been and still is crucial to the plastics industry and affects the lifecycle of products. The plastics industry is coming up with a wealth of answers to questions of sustainability, including improved recyclability and new materials derived from renewable resources. In the drive for more energy efficient products, it is often plastics companies turn to in order to achieve their sustainability goals.

Printed Electronics Products and Solutions (PEPSO)

PEPSO Graphic
Printed electronics, as a new, innovative technology, establishes far-reaching opportunities for the plastics industry. The following ten companies and institutions exhibited at K 2013, with a total of 108 m² at Entrance North B.

  • COATEMA Coating Machinery
  • Durst Phototechnik Digitale Technology GmbH
  • ESMA vzw,
  • Fimor s.a.s.
  • Heraeus Precious Metals GmbH & Co. KG
  • KIWO Kissel + Wolf GmbH
  • OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association)
  • Printcolor Screen AG
  • Sun Chemical Hartmann Druckfarben GmbH
  • VTT Technical Research Center of Finland
At K 2013, the focal point was on the topic of the production of printed electronics. Some of the exhibitors brought machines with them in order to show production processes on location. The conference “Printed Electronics – Chances for the Plastics Industry“, which was presented by the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) in the Congress Center CCD.South explored this topic even more. 

Pocket Guide - Rubber & TPE

Elastomere at K 2013
Among the approx. 3,100 exhibitors from all over the world, there are many who have a focus on rubber, silicone and thermoplastic elastomers. They offer raw materials, additives or compounds, process elastomers, or supply special machines and equipment for processing elastomers.

The Pocket Guide - Rubber & TPE had it all!
The practical Pocket Guide - Rubber & TPE was a free-of-charge service offered by Messe Düsseldorf in cooperation with Dr. Gupta Verlag and with kind support of the WDK (Wirtschaftsverband der Deutschen Kautschukindustrie), the trade association for the German rubber industry, for visitors and exhibitors at K 2013. With the aid of this compact and handy brochure, suppliers of products specific to elastomers became ideally optimally visible and therefore easier for visitors to find.

Visitors found exhibition hall plans in the Pocket Guide - Rubber & TPE on which products and services specific to elastomers were highlighted. This was combined with a clear list of company names, from A to Z. Classification was facilitated with information on categories similar to that in the official K 2013 fair catalogue.

Doing Business with China

In the first quarter of 2013, year-on-year growth of the Chinese plastics industry exceeded 11.5%, surpassing average industry growth by two percentage points. Significantly more growth is observed in the high-quality segments of the plastics and rubber market, where international players tend to have a competitive edge.

The German-Chinese Business Association (DCV) and Messe Düsseldorf invited trade fair visitors to this China-related prime event at K-Trade Fair. Mr. Werner Dornscheidt (CEO Messe Düsseldorf, Member of Advisory Board of DCV) and Ms. Claudia Frey (Manager Market Data and Information VDMA) welcomed seminar participants.

Experts from the industry and the service sector provided a deep understanding on the drivers and growth patterns of the Chinese rubber and plastics industries. They elaborated on the key factors of successful investment and sales strategies for foreign enterprises wishing to expand in China. The seminar was rounded up by a Get Together with the experts.

Supported by DCV Deutsch Chinesische Wirtschaftsvereinigung E.V. and Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

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