RTM + CFRC = light body for EV


Series production of carbon fiber-reinforced composite (CFRC) "mono bloc" bodies for an electric vehicle (EV) will start this year in Germany using a vacuum-assisted high pressure RTM process developed by Schuler SMG GmbH (Waghäusel, Germany). 40,000 bodies are slated for production.

The CFRC body molded from multilayer preforms and epoxy resin is 300 kg lighter than an equivalent steel body, which more than compensates for the extra 250 kg of the battery and E-drive train in an EV says Markus Geier, sales manager for hydraulic presses at Schuler SMG. Beyond the weight saving, the number of body-in-white components is reduced from 70-80 stampings in the case of steel to six-to-eight shells for the CFRC case.

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