QMilk wins Bio-based Material of the Year Innovation Award


Cologne, Germany - QMilk, a young German company that has developed a technology based on casein to produce a 100% biobased textile fiber or granulate, is proving itself a winner. Out of a field of seven nominees, the company triumphed at this year's Bio-based Material of the Year Innovation Award, winning by an "overwhelming majority," said Michael Carus of Nova-Institut, the organizer of the International Conference on Bio-based Materials at which the award is presented. "QMilk left the competition far behind, eating dust, as it were." [Ed. Note: Click here to view the PlasticsToday slideshow of all the nominees].

Each year, a specialized jury picks the nominees. The ultimate winners are chosen by the attendees of the conference at the close of the first day.

Germany-based Fischerwerke, took second place with its newly developed biobased 'green' injection mortar, while third place was shared by Zinco, a German company specialized in green roofs, and Hemp Eco Systems, a Swiss manufacturer of hemp-based insulation.
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