Purple is the new green: Energy Bag program to convert plastics to energy


Energy recovery is positioned as a complement to current efforts to divert waste from landfills. However, bringing the technology to the mainstream in the U.S. has been somewhat slow moving. But a new initiative hopes a purple bag might be the catalyst for change.

Co-sponsored by The City of Citrus Heights, Republic Services and Dow Chemical, the Energy Bag program hopes to prove that resource recovery of non-recycled plastics is a viable municipal process that can achieve many positive long-term environmental and economic results, including fewer tons of landfill trash, more local energy resources and less energy dependence.

The summer-long program will ask approximately 27,000 Citrus Heights households to separately collect plastic items not currently eligible for recycling in the city. These items include juice pouches, candy wrappers, dog food and cat food bags, frozen food wrappers, outer wraps for water bottle or soda packages and even plastic dinnerware, plates and cups.
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