Popular DJ meets plastics; next stop for his "Cell Buckle" is American Chopper


Great ideas come in surprising ways. In fact, Bobby Musselman, inventor of the Cell Buckle, never thought about inventing anything until a long road trip in August of 2010 to Sturgis, South Dakota, to the big annual motorcycle rally there, created a need: a hands-off way to use his cell phone while he was riding.

On Monday The Cell Buckle's first big marketing campaign kicks off on the Discovery Channel's American Chopper, where it will make its debut. It also marks the first anniversary of his idea. "A year ago this was just a thought in my head," Musselman explains. "I made up a prototype, showed it to some friends and 10 out of 10 said they liked it and would buy it."

In December of last year, he hooked up with plastic part designer Richard Dennis of Plastic Design Resources, who helped him refine the design and determine the right materials. After several iterations in design, Musselman found the right designs - one for a motorcycle handle and another for the steering wheel of a passenger car, truck or other 4-wheeled passenger vehicle....
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