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Pioneer and father of polymer research

Hermann Staudinger (Image: wikipedia)

Completed his doctorate at 22, appointed professor at 26, received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry at 72 - an impressive career: Hermann Staudinger, the father of polymer chemistry, was born exactly 136 years ago.

He is considered as the „pioneer of polymer research”, “founder of plastics chemistry”, “father of macromolecules”: Hermann Staudinger (23. 3. 1881 – 8. 9. 1965) gave plastics chemisty its theoretical foundations. Although his outstanding career as a scientist – doctorate at 22, professorship at 26 – culminated in the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Staudinger has remained largely unknown – as a public figure too – and only specialists are familiar with his life and work nowadays. A series here on www.k-online.de aims to rectify this. It portrays Staudinger as a productive and unorthodox thinker, who refused to accept conventional arguments in both his scientific and political activities – until his ideas finally became mainstream convictions. Hermann Staudinger has written a remarkable story. We wish you much pleasure in reading ours about the remarkable scientist ...