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August 2016: K 2016 enters into the hot phase

In October, some 3,100 businesses from the plastics and rubber industry will again be presenting trend-setting products, processes and practical solutions. Tailored materials, efficient use of resources, zero-defect production, generative production methods and digitalisation are only some of the many technological trends featured by this year’s trade fair.
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The K-Preview 2016 started in June. During the three theme days we talked to several experts, industry connoisseurs and journalists. Here we inform you with video content.
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Trade Fair News

Russia: Good Long-Term Prospects make for Stable Demand despite Difficult Times

Despite the difficult economic and political situation Russia is currently in, the activities in the plastics and rubber industries are far from coming to a standstill. There is continued substantial demand for investment especially in the production of consumer goods, technical equipment and packaging. Manufacturing processes and product quality at Russian sites are being optimised ...
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Find out about all the innovations that K 2013 exhibitors have to offer – right here!

K 2016 and Industry 4.0:

The VDMA Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association and its member firms have set themselves the target of bringing Industry 4.0 to life with specific practical examples at K 2016.
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