Moldmakers get creative with new pin measurement device


Moldmakers are a creative bunch and often come up with ideas for products to make their jobs easier. That's how moldmaker Terry Allemann along with his father, Jim Allemann, a moldmaker for 50 years, developed the idea for their new patent pending pin measuring system, a state-of-the-art device that increases accuracy and reduces cost in the pin measurement process.

The standard configuration of the pin measuring system is offered in both an 18" and 42" model with 1/8" to 1¼"+ diameter capacity. Custom sizes are available as special orders. All wear components are made from tool steel hardened to 60 RC of long life and durability. The pin measuring system also comes with replaceable anvils which allow using custom anvils for unique and difficult measuring applications. Available options include RS 232 cable for SPC output, as well as a beautifully finished oak box with a bi-fold lid to keep the pin measuring system from getting dusty and dirty. Measuring can be done with the instrument in the box.
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