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I’ll Take It To Go – The K 2016 And Its Record Sales

Spontaneous sales at trade fairs for investment goods are not only rare, they are very rare. At these industrial fairs usually business is initiated – the sales are made after the negotiations and quite some time after the trade fairs take place. The trade fair K is basically the supermarket of the plastic industry – for investors from 160 different countries.

Flying with plastic! The first Highlights of K 2016

Nowadays, for many people plastic means having a product that will not decompose in the garbage or the ocean. But these days are over, at least they are in Germany, thanks to a largely responsible industry and mostly responsible consumers. The visitors at the trade fair K in Düsseldorf will be able to see all of things that are possible with plastic, which isn’t based on crude oil.

A piece of Clothing Art

Cotton is an economical miracle plant – but the great amount of water needed during the cultivation does cheapen the reputation a bit – the alternatives being natural products like virgin wool or hemp fiber. However, plastic can also produce tiny miracles. The castor oil plant tends to grow on barren soil and with a little bit of know-how, the seed becomes a synthetic fiber – a piece of clothing art, so to speak.

It Gets Thinner At The Top ? Plastic In Competitive Sports

What a racecar is for a Formula 1 pilot, a boat is for a canoeist. In whitewater even millimeters and grams count, otherwise when it comes to the best, even the most trained athletes are only second-rate. We talked to a world champion about why canoes and paddles are all about the last hundredth.