Materia Nova: "Bioplastics: (Reactive) Compounding and Related Industrial Applications”

Technical conference, 25-05-2011, Ghislenghien, Belgium

The second technical conference dedicated to "Bioplastics: (reactive) Compounding and related applications” will take place on May 25th, 2011 at Best Western Horizon Hotel in Ghislenghien, Belgium, ideally located between Lille (France) and Brussels (Belgium).

Compounding and processing technologies are currently helping narrowing the gap between bio-based plastics and commodity polymers. Some commercially available bio-based plastics, polymer additives and fillers are now well established as technical alternatives to commodity polymer materials. However, plastics processors and their customers may encounter some hurdles for apprehending the main trends of the biobased plastic industry.

The event will provide a comprehensive overview of bio-based polymers, from fundamentals to compounds, (nano)composites, additives, and related industrial applications. Particularly, it will provide opportunities to get familiar with some of the most relevant researches currently carried out at University of Mons and Materia Nova (Belgium). Besides, environmental benefits together with market perspectives will also be addressed.

The conference will aim at underlining the best ways to manufacture bio-based plastic components, with the right additives into cost-effective production.

The main issues that will be considered are the cost, the availability, the environmental aspects and the technical solutions to process the additives going into the compounds. Concerning the machinery, KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH extruder manufacturer will present the scope of their main products.

The main plastic markets will be addressed showing how bio-based plastics meet their specific requirements _e.g. physical strength and impact properties in packaging and automotive to fire and weathering resistance in electronic, leisure, sport applications, etc.

In order to help selecting appropriate compounds, the life cycle analysis (LCA) and the carbon footprint of products will be considered while explaining in detail the international certification for bio-based content measurement.