Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.

Macro Introduces Compact Extruders for Multilayer Film Extrusion Systems

Canadian-based Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.’s coextrusion systems now feature a more compact extruder design with a small footprint that allows more space in the extrusion area and simplifies installation.

The newly developed C-series of MacroPlast extruders were specifically designed for coextrusion of film structures with 7 or more layers with the versatility to process a variety of polymers, including Nylon and polyesters. All the controls are mounted to the frame of each extruder and can be configured in different positions to suit specific extruder layouts. This new design allows Macro more flexibility when supplying new coextrusion systems. In fact, the compact design of the C-series paired with its configurable controls positioning will accommodate a 13-extruder configuration.

Each extruder is constructed with a bimetallic barrel and screw to provide maximum durability. Due to their compact design and processing versatility, Macro has incorporated MacroPlastC extruders into all multilayer, blown film, cast film and biaxially-oriented (bi-oriented) shrink film lines. The compact extruders are particularly well suited for bi-oriented film lines for sausage casing and shrinkable bags where the downward extrusion configuration can become crowded.