Krones’ “invisible" packaging helps Italian water bottler increase sales


Krones AG said since installing its LitePac packaging system, the Bracca Group has increased sales by more than 30%.

The Bracca Group was the first water bottler to operate the system worldwide.

The LitePac process looks to replace shrink films for secondary packaging for PET bottle six-packs by producing strapped packs with an integrated handle. The machine, the EvoLite packer, includes a container infeed module and a container strapping module. In the infeed module, the containers are divided into two continuous lane flows. Four strapping units then create the LitePac packs in the container-strapping module.

German beverage packaging machinery manufacturer Krones says the development was driven by its goal to create a resource-economical alternative to shrink film-wrapped packs. According to Krones, the LitePac strapping can be up to 50% less costly than shrink film....
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