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The trade fair K 2016 opened in Düsseldorf from the 19 to 26 October and presented the innovations of the international plastics and rubber industry. Visitors enjoyed outstanding special shows and learned more about important companies from all over the world. Discover K 2016 live!

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Welcome to K 2016!

K 2016 is the most important trade fair worldwide for the plastics and rubber industries. They present their entire performance spectrum and the whole diversity of innovative applications.

The K 2016 and its record sales

Spontaneous sales at trade fairs for investment goods are not only rare, they are very rare. At these industrial fairs usually business is initiated – the sales are made after the negotiations and quite some time after the trade fairs take place. The trade fair K is basically the supermarket of the plastic industry – for investors from 160 different countries.

K 2016 Impressions

Watch the overview of K 2016, get impressions, see exhibitors, visitors and enjoy the K-atmosphere! Be part of it!

Impressions K 2016 - Part 2

At K 2016, the most important trade fair worldwide for the plastics and rubber industries, the exhibitors presented their entire performance spectrum and the whole diversity of innovative applications.

Impressions K 2016 - Part 3

3,285 exhibitors from all continents introduced their latest development. The net exhibition area amounted to 173,966 square metres so all 19 halls of the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre have been fully booked.

Visitor statement about K 2016

We talked to a visitor of the Netherlands, who told us about K at the point of view of an exhibitor and also visitor. He visits the trade faire for more than 30 years.

Flying with plastic! The first Highlights of K 2016

Nowadays, for many people plastic means having a product that will not decompose in the garbage or the ocean. But these days are over, at least they are in Germany, thanks to a largely responsible industry and mostly responsible consumers. The visitors at the trade fair K in Düsseldorf will be able to see all of things that are possible with plastic, which isn’t based on crude oil.

A piece of Clothing Art

Cotton is an economical miracle plant – but the great amount of water needed during the cultivation does cheapen the reputation a bit – the alternatives being natural products like virgin wool or hemp fiber. However, plastic can also produce tiny miracles. The castor oil plant tends to grow on barren soil and with a little bit of know-how, the seed becomes a synthetic fiber – a piece of clothing art, so to speak.

Science Campus

The Science Campus enables exhibitors and visitors to gain a concentrated overview of scientific activities and research results in the plastics and rubber sector. Themes are Industry 4.0, lightweight, resource efficiency and materials. We talked to Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, Professor of Plastics Processing, Institute Director IKV Aachen.

It gets thinner at the top – Plastic in competitive sports

What a racecar is for a Formula 1 pilot, a boat is for a canoeist. In whitewater even millimeters and grams count, otherwise when it comes to the best, even the most trained athletes are only second-rate. We talked to a world champion about why canoes and paddles are all about the last hundredth.

Exhibitor interviews

Brückner Maschinenbau about battery separator films

Brückner Maschinenbau, Karl Zimmermann, Sales Director about their themes and K like substitutions. Brückner Maschinenbau cares about replacing materials with innovative ones with advantages for flexible packaging and reducing waste. At K they also show their battery separator films.

BASF - green racing car

We visited Dr. Giscard Glück, Vice President New Markets and Products Performance Materials Europe of BASF. At K the company was proud to show their competence with a special project for Hyundai. Hyundai wantet to push its performance brand with a green racing car with a lot of characteristics, Mr. Glück explained.

Lohia Corp about K 2016

Raj Kumar Lohia, Chairman and Managing Director of Lohia Corp appreciates K at the best trade fair and meeting point for the plastic industry. So Lohia Corp is an exhibitor for the twelfth time. Of course the Indian company seizes the opportunity for presenting their machines.

Covestro about future design

We visited the exhibition stand of Covestro and interviewed Dr. Ulrich Liman, Senior Vice President, Covestro. At K they focus on automotive and want to inspire designers of the automotive industry for the future. For example polycarbonates are one of prospective materials.

Rubberstreet and ARLANXEO

The rubberstreet at K is a great opportunity for visitors to see the total portfolio of the rubber industry. ARLANXEO is powering and sponsoring the rubberstreet, we talked to Juergen Gunther, Vice President, ARLANXEO. He explained that the company as a raw material suppliers together with other exhibitors as processors and compounders offer the total package the rubber industry needs in one hall.

Stratasys and 3D-printing

3D-printing is one of the main themes at the exhibition stand of Stratasys. Nadav Sella, Head of Emerging Solutions Business Unit, Stratasys shows us examples of medical modelling and injection molding with 3 D printing tools. The company will offer more flexibility in manufacturing to their customers.

Haitian about individual solutions

We talked to Helmar Franz, Director of the Board, Haitian Internation Holdings. The company focuses on innovations based on individual solutions for their customers at K. Because the future challenge for being succesful on the market is to be fast and flexible, he explained.

Engel presents e-motion 220

Dr. Christoph Steger, Chief Sales Officer of Engel Holding, presents "e-motion 220", a flexible, all-electric, highly efficient machine. With this machine the company reacts to the continuously growing demands of a dynamic market and the visitors at K are enthusiastic.

SACMI about highlights

SACMI is an international group manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Packaging including Beverage and Closures & Containers. We talked to Iacopo Bianconcini, Marketing Manager about their highlights.

INEOS about the market situation

INEOS Styrolution is one of the leading, global styrenics supplier with a focus on styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS Standard and styrenic specialties. We talk with Rob Buntinx, President Europe, Middle East, Africa of INEOS Styrolution about the market situation and trends.

Merck about pigment innovations

Dr. Marc Hunger, Director Global Marketing, Merck explains two kinds of pigment innovations shown at K 2016. He informs about stabilisation technology for UV or also high temperature stabilisation. When we think of trends, 3D printing is an important topic for Merck, of course.

NGR about changes in the industry

Michael Heinzlreiter, Head of Marketing & Business Development, NGR about new application areas, trends and changes in the plastics industry. NGR sees it as his task to support the industry especially when we think of industry 4.0.

A. Schulmann about the SPE award

Heinrich Lingau, Senior Vice President, A.Schulmann is proud to talk about the won SPE award of the automotive industry. A. Schulman is a one of the leading international suppliers of high-performance plastic compounds and resins, which are used as raw materials in a variety of markets.

Husky presents HyCAP 300

Paul Comisso, Global Marketing and Communications Manager of Husky, presents the brandnew machine HyCAP 300. It is optimized for high output beverage closure manufacturing, offers a high productivity and uses less energy.

Tecnova about granules

The Italian company is specialized in complete plants for recycling plastic materials. We interviewed Ferdinando Caridi, Sales Manager of Tecnova. With 40 years of experience Tecnova is a good partner for new solutions for clean granules by saving energy and costs.


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