K 2016 – A Resounding Success

K 2016 was also a resounding success from the point of view of the German rubber industry and its international network partners. Both the number of visitors and the lively activities with good business deals closed already on the first days of the trade fair have exceeded all expectations.

As a small but highly specialized partner of the No.1 trade fair K 2016, the rubber industry presented itself once again with its own Rubberstreet,which proved THE point of contactfor international stakeholder in the fields of elastomere, natural rubber and rubber.The cooperations agreed and/o consolidated here will sustain the sector over the coming three years until the K 2019.

In conclusion it can be said that K 2016 more than lived up to its outstanding importance in the rubber industry's view. As one of the Association of the German Rubber Industry extends its thanks to all the partners who have made the K 2016 a success.

Source: GKV