Your innovation at K

In keynote articles, celebrated polymer research and technology scientists state their position on current topics and groundbreaking developments in the sector. The Innovation Compass is structured in line with the main themes that will have a decisive impact on market trends in the coming years. It offers visitors a highly convenient tool for locating new items and innovations including yours – at K.
Photo: Product detail

Your label "Innovation@K"

All the products in the K-Online exhibitors' database that are associated with main themes are labelled “Innovation@K”. The database is an important preparatory tool for visitors who can look for innovations with the aid of a search matrix, broken down into Machines, Equipment & Processes and Materials.

How it works:
  1. Log onto the website,
  2. Describe your products within the K-Online exhibitors’ database.
  3. Assign your product descriptions with the relevant main themes.
 Your products will be labelled as Innovation@K!