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“Plastics shape the future”

Health, jobs, mobility, the environment and climate protection, energy and resource efficiency – the plastics and rubber industry is ready and willing to make its contribution when the task at hand is to tackle the challenges of our time successfully. Practically all the different areas of our lives are either impacted by plastics or polymers play a smaller or greater role in them. The special show “Plastics shape the future” at K 2016 is taking account of this fact.

Topics covered

There are no end of different assignments that need to be completed – not only globally but also within the industry itself. In order to be able to cover as many as possible of these interesting and pressing topics as comprehensively as possible, the organisers of the special show at K – headed by Plastics Europe Germany – have arranged an extensive programme with the emphasis on different subjects that vary from day to day.

They will be focussing on such issues as the development of the industry in the digital age (“plastics industry 4.0”) and will be drawing attention to innovative new materials and the importance of lightweight structures for such application areas as the automotive and aerospace industries. Marine litter and the consequences of pollution of the world’s oceans and inland waterways are on the agenda, as are young people and training. The emphasis on one of the other days will be on sustainable use of the resources available to us. While it will get creative when a discussion is held about how plastics make design possible.

Participation welcome

The special show “Plastics shape the future” is taking place in Hall 6 on the Messe Düsseldorf exhibition site. An innovative stand specially developed for this purpose will provide a suitable setting for presentations, lectures by experts, short, brief thought-provoking talks and panel discussions. 

Schoolchildren will also be presenting their ideas about how the future can and should be shaped, including a demonstration of how the robotics field benefits from polymer materials. 

No-one has to be a professional research scientist to develop some idea of the direction our society is going. Common sense is often all that is needed to recognise the signs of the times. We face changes that will affect us all. Every individual person is in a position to influence what happens. The future is being shaped today. At K 2016, for example. 

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