High temperature polyamide replaces brazed metal in cross-over coolant component

The new Ford 3.5-L and 3.7-L engine manifold uses a cross-over coolant component made of DuPont Zytel HTN PPA (polyphthalamide) resin instead of brazed metal, shaving one pound to improve fuel economy. Behind the scenes, the running change illustrates the trend toward using high performance thermoplastic where it is essential.

A team from Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (ITW) in Ohio arrived at DuPont's Innovation Center in Troy to brainstorm how to integrate a crossover coolant component into a V6 engine manifold that is made of traditional nylon polymer. The crossover coolant component is a hollow port that allows engine coolant to bypass the manifold as it circulates through the engine. Traditional polyamide 6 polymer doesn't withstand long-term exposure to heat and long-life coolant, so the ITW team was receiving the component made of brazed metal, which was heavy and expensive. ...

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