Floreon aims to take world by storm with "number one performing bioplastic"


Although the company is a relatively new entrant in the fast-growing bioplastics field, Floreon Transforming Packaging Ltd. of Hull, UK, is already thinking big. The company says its aim is nothing less than to revolutionize the worldwide plastics market. To that end, it is working with Hull University Business School to develop a strategy for global success.

The company has developed a specially formulated compound, which is added to standard PLA to create a material with a sustainable origin and a range of end of life options. It was created, says the team behind Floreon, from a desire for a greener, safer form of plastic. There was a need for a PLA-based biodegradable blend suitable for the production of biodegradable products, such as bottles and other containers with better mechanical, physical, chemical and thermal properties than PLA alone could provide; a blend that would offer energy efficient processing and yield a finished product featuring the required durability and toughness. The Floreon team decided to go for it.
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