AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH

EOAT System "PreciGrip"

Greifarme PreciGrip
The future is now within grasp: PreciGrip –
the new gripper building system just keeps on growing!

Slot nut clamping profiles had been the nec plus ultra in gripper building for decades - until the PreciGrip prismatic system arrived. Late last year, AGS Automation Greifersysteme Schwope GmbH presented its new, prism-guided gripper building system: more rapid and precise in construction, sturdier in operation! The range of parts is increasing, but the customer chooses the desired system to be used - both are in stock, both are being expanded. The advantages for those making the changeover: PreciGrip can be combined with components used up to now.

The PreciGrip advantages at a glance:
PreciGrip profiles, connectors, clamping pieces and gripper arms can be installed more quickly and precisely. Fewer screws are needed; clamping is performed from outside and always tightened against a fixed edge. This results in markedly sturdier base frames which can also withstand higher forces during the production process. It was planned right from the outset to connect all gripper components, i.e. including the active elements, with prismatic guidance. PreciGrip gripping fingers, gripping jaws and suction cups can be adjusted more precisely than their round clamped counterparts. They now exist in almost all construction dimensions. Furthermore, since clamping is performed from the outside, elements can be added anywhere, even at a later stage, without any need to dismantle the PreciGrip gripper! A valuable, time-saving benefit for any practical gripper builder.

Introduction is child's play: both gripper building systems can be combined!
PreciGrip actually has everything going for it! "Anyone who has ever handled it will be convinced", says Marc Schwope, the AGS company head. On a par in terms of price, the number of users is constantly increasing. Customers can decide on their own to what extent they wish to refit. PreciGrip can be combined both with slot nut clamping profiles and grippers and active elements for round clamping. Those who start gradually start with basic profiles; those who wish to use previous active elements use PreciGrip clamping pieces with corresponding receptacles.

AGS gripper components - not just from the peg!
The wide experience in gripper building that increases with each gripper in customised design is included in the programme maintenance of both systems. Fitters and designers from AGS are jointly seeking more rational solutions which constantly result in components improved in detail. The AGS production department makes special sizes rapidly and economically, particularly with the PreciGrip system which is less costly to manufacture.

Anyone wishing for the ultimate in grippers will build everything 100% in PreciGrip and reap all the advantages that PreciGrip offers. Quickly assembled, the PreciGrip is just as rapidly dismantled. Even once removed, the subassemblies remain a unit! This is a further plus for grippers which are converted or not placed in storage. One could not wish for greater stability; the entire gripper is constructed in 90-degree angles, can be precisely adjusted and retains its dimensional stability over a long period.